Braised pork with tangy coleslaw


Between now and the New Year, I'll be posting holiday dinner ideas. Some will be new recipes; others will be recipes I have already published but are worth re-featuring because they are both delicious and picture-pretty, and sufficiently festive as demanded by the season. This braised pork with tangy coleslaw recipe was originally published in June 5, 2011. The pork can be … [Read more...]

Sweet potatoes and bacon salad with lime and honey dressing


The other day, while we were busy navigating (and getting lost in) the Quiapo area, we found ourselves in Quinta market and I saw mounds and mounds of beautiful sweet potatoes. We bought a bunch and, for yesterday's late lunch, I made a salad with them. Who knew that sweet potatoes would make a good salad ingredient? A first time for me and because the result was a really … [Read more...]

Macaroni, cheese and bacon salad


Macaroni salad in the Philippines is almost always taken to mean "chicken and macaroni salad" -- shredded chicken meat, pineapple tidbits and macaroni are tossed with mayonnaise. Sometimes, there are additional ingredients like chopped carrot and celery or, sometimes, to add sweetness, raisins are thrown in. In fact, the Filipinos so love everything sweet that sweetened … [Read more...]

Corned beef and vegetables salad with mango dressing


Having successfully made corned beef at home, I started thinking of the many ways to serve it. Not that it wouldn't have gotten consumed completely just by slicing and piling between slices of bread. But, you know, I wanted to get more creative than that.It is very usual to add ham or bacon to vegetable salad. Because salad vegetables are bland, richly flavored … [Read more...]

Savory pineapple and avocado salad


Have I mentioned that I am not a fan of salads with raw vegetables in it? I must have. If you're new here, now you know.But combining fruits, spices and herbs to create a savory salad to accompany a grilled meat dish -- aaahh, that, I like very much. Like this one. Diced fresh pineapple and avocado are tossed with thinly sliced bird's eye chilis and scallions, seasoned … [Read more...]

Swiss rösti salad


To make Sam's salad more filling, I topped it with rösti. And, for the dressing, cheese melted in milk and seasoned with salt, pepper and a bit of chili.For the uninitiated, rösti is fried grated potatoes. Techniques for making rösti vary; some prefer to parboil the potato before grating while others grate it raw. I am of the parboiling school as it ensures that the … [Read more...]

How to make a delicious meatless macaroni salad


I made this for Sam but she's still having end-of-schoolyear fun with friends so she hasn't tasted it yet. It's really just macaroni salad. But because the usual chicken or ham in this very ordinary salad packs it with flavor, you take the meat away and you really have to do something, or a few somethings, to offset the loss. And it isn't just the loss in flavor but the … [Read more...]

Baby potatoes with pesto: serve as a salad, a snack or a side dish


The beauty of baby potatoes is that they don't turn soggy even if you overcook them a bit. Whether that's only true for baby potatoes grown and sold in the Philippines, I don't know. But the ones we find in the grocery are that way. They retain their shape and their texture which really makes them ideal for recipes that require a lot of tossing and mixing.There are two … [Read more...]

Make-ahead salad in a jar


My daughter Sam will like this idea. She likes salads but the process of prepping half a dozen different vegetables just before a meal can be a headache when everyone and everything is flying around in the kitchen. If more than half of the prepping can be done ahead of time, the rest of the procedure is a breeze. So, here is make-ahead salad that you can keep in the fridge … [Read more...]

2-minute ranch dressing


Today, I am an alarm clock. In about 15 minutes, I am going to call up Alex who is at the condo to wake her up so she can be on time to leave to see a play at 10.00 a.m. as part of a class requirement. No problem, really, since I meant to stay up to watch the live telecast of the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games which was scheduled to start at 4.00 a.m.The … [Read more...]