Cheese dip that can double as salad dressing or pasta sauce


If food could multitask, this cheese dip would be the best example. Prepare the dip as a dip but use it in many other ways. It’s good as a salad dressing. Just pour over vegetables, toss and serve your salad. Stir the dip into hot macaroni and … »

Make a great salad dressing with honey cider vinegar


This is not a paid post. We buy from Ilog Maria often at the Silang store and, sometimes, by door-to-door delivery because we love their products. The last time we were at their store, that day I took photos of the honeybee wind vane, Speedy bought a … »

Post-Valentine’s Day dinner: Bacon roses on a bed of green salad


It happened this way, in chronological order: Last week, we were planning a get-together dinner with Speedy’s brother, Buddy, and his best gal, Laura. We agreed it would be last Saturday, from afternoon to whenever we all feel we need to go to … »

Warm lettuce and bacon salad with poached egg


Among the many personalities on Food Network, Claire Robinson is one of those I am not so familiar with. I don’t know what her cooking background is, I don’t know the name of her show, I only know her from that segment of The Best Thing I … »

2-minute ranch dressing


Today, I am an alarm clock. In about 15 minutes, I am going to call up Alex who is at the condo to wake her up so she can be on time to leave to see a play at 10.00 a.m. as part of a class requirement. No problem, really, since I meant to stay up to … »

3-minute salad dressing


There are two things that, in a perfect world, Sam would vote to be on the dinner table for each and every meal -- soup and salad. Sad to say, it isn't a perfect world. We had a soup for lunch yesterday but no salad. And, for dinner, we had a salad … »

Avocado, tomato and onion salad


The avocado was supposed to go into sushi but I cooked all the Japanese rice we had to make oyakudon. Sam looked at the lonely avocado ruefully, suggested that we make a salad with it then she commandeered my computer to search for recipes. But I … »

Pearl potato salad with lemon, orange, garlic and tarragon dressing


When you need to reduce the amount of salt in a dish, what do you do to make sure that the flavors don't fall flat? You add things that are rich and flavor and aroma so that you don't miss the salt at all. In an earlier version of this pearl potato … »

Taco salad with spicy garlic dressing


Does a salad always have to be served on a salad plate and eaten with a salad fork? If bread forms part of the salad, does the bread always have to be in the form of croutons? As far as I am concerned, the answers are no and no. I like … »