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Peach pata hamonado

Peach pata hamonado? Sure, I used the syrup from the canned peaches. While most hamonado recipes call for pineapple juice, ... (more)

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Creamed beef and vegetables

Did you know what wonders you can do with canned or powdered cream of mushroom soup? Use it as a base for chunks of deboned ... (more)


Beef asado noodle soup

More popularly known as beef mami, this is another Chinese dish that has become a favorite with Filipinos. Hot broth is ... (more)


Beef & Sausage Fried Rice

Rice is a staple food for the Filipinos as well as for most Southeast Asians. We eat rice the way Westerners eat bread and ... (more)


Pichi – pichi

Another traditional Filipino dessert, pichi-pichi is made with grated cassava or cassava flour, water and sugar. The mixture ... (more)


Pinaupong manok

My husband has heard of pinaupong manok (sitting chicken) several times but never had a chance to try it. He thought it was ... (more)


Buko pandan

Nothing, but nothing, smells or tastes like pandan leaves. I remember my father-in-law placing a leaf with the sinaing ... (more)



We keep a supply of rice flour in the house for general use. Lately, to make siopao (steamed dumplings) and puto (native rice ... (more)

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Creamed Beef and Pasta Soup

It's always busy around this time of year. More so now because I'm trying to do everything that I put off doing for two ... (more)


Pork steak

If you're a fan of bistek, this pork dish is for you. Cooked practically in the same way, the expensive beef is substituted ... (more)

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Beef con tokwa

Beef con Tokwa is not a saucy dish. In fact, it is almost dry. The one cup or so of sauce that is poured into it is just ... (more)