Pork tinola

A soup served as a main entree in the Philippines, tinola is traditionally cooked with chicken, wedges of unripe papaya and sili leaves. Papaya tends to get mushy and I don't … [Read more...]


Togue guisado

A light vegetable dish of crisp togue (mung bean sprouts), carrots and green beans cooked with golden brown pork cubes. Togue Guisado may be served as a main course or a side … [Read more...]

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Choco-mocha cinnamon pudding

Plump raisins were stirred into this creamy pudding flavored with cocoa, coffee and cinnamon and topped with buttery syrup.We've been having stormy weather for the past … [Read more...]


Grilled stuffed squids

Succulent tender squid stuffed with chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic, pimientoes and squid heads, then grilled to perfection.To make sure that the squid remains tender … [Read more...]

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Anchovies omelet

There are hundreds of ways of cooking eggs. Try this one. It's good for breakfast, lunch or supper.Anchovies are very salty. And very tasty. They are also quite expensive. … [Read more...]