Mandarin Orange Royale

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Yes, it's the immortal "royale" dessert recipe again! My daughters and I have perfected the recipe too. While the original recipe, courtesy of my friend Melissa, used whole graham crackers for the crust, we now use crushed graham crackers mixed with … »

Meatless tortang talong


Tortang talong is eggplant omelet or frittata. Meatless tortang talong can be served as a side dish or even as a main dish. If you prefer the meaty version, try the version with ground pork or the more exotic one with diced pig's brain. I served this … »

Cheese – topped beef and eggplants


When I refer to eggplants, I am referring to the common oriental eggplant that is six to ten inches long and a deep purple in color. Do they taste any different from the shorter but rounder variety? I really don't know. I have never tried cooking the … »

Tuna spread

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Before we were married, my then boyfriend, now husband, and I used to go to Tagaytay City on picnics. We would bring food to last us the whole day and a bottle of wine. Roast whole chicken and a special chicken sandwich filling were among his … »

Buko, rambutan and jelly in cream


This dessert is a variation of the popular buko-lychee dessert often served in restaurants and which is also a favorite in catered buffets. I ditched the lychees and used rambutan instead, rambutan being native to the Philippines. I just discovered … »

Drunken chicken

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You will find a recipe for "drunken chicken" in many Chinese cookbooks. But you will not find this recipe for drunken chicken in any cookbook. In fact, you won't find it anywhere. I just invented this recipe. Tonight. Out of sheer desperation. I was … »

Steamed whole fish in olive oil

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Simple and easy. Geez, it was good! From the aroma that first permeated the kitchen and then the dining room... but the best things were the short cooking time (40 minutes including preparation), the readily available ingredients (these are staples … »