Lumpiang hubad

This dish is made with "ubod", or the heart of palm, especially the coconut palm. In Filipino, "ubod" means core. If you split a palm tree, you will find a soft white core. … [Read more...]

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Vegetable stuffed beef rolls

I haven't cooked this dish in years. The last time I did, I had not yet met the man who would be my husband. This dish was inspired by the traditional morcon. The procedure … [Read more...]


Fresh vegetable lumpia

Filipinos refer to vegetable lumpia as "fresh" to distinguish it from "fried" lumpia. They both contain sauteed vegetables with a little pork and/or shrimp. In this version of … [Read more...]


White Corn and Vegetables Soup

Native white corn is a cooking corn. If cooked as corn on the cob, it takes more than a hour to fully cook. It is ideal for cooking when the kernels are sliced off the cob. … [Read more...]


Adobong Sitaw

String beans are added to the basic pork adobo recipe to cook this interesting Filipino dish. Sitaw is one of the many varieties of string beans. They are usually about … [Read more...]

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Braised Eggplants 2

Braised Eggplants recipe using a mixture of chili bean sauce and oyster sauce was purely vegetarian, this new dish incorporates a little ground pork. However, it is still … [Read more...]

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Chicken & Broccoli Pasta

I got the idea for this dish from a recipe on the box of an imported cheese. The recipe called for 500 g. of cheese. Right, melt the entire block of cheese to make the sauce. … [Read more...]


Nilagang Baka 2

This is a variation of my previous nilagang baka recipe. I used short ribs this time (I used brisket in the other recipe). I also used a one leafy vegetable (pechay) and one … [Read more...]