Japchae (jabchae, chapchae or chapchee), a Korean noodle dish

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From the various recipes of japchae that I have read, spinach appears to be a traditional ingredient. But my first japchae experience not only included spinach but some yellow beans and string beans as well. Ergo, I figured it wouldn't really hurt to play a little with the combination of vegetables. My version of japchae … »

Pork and asparagus egg drop soup


Based on the view count, the chicken in caramel sauce appears to be quite popular. Easy and tasty is always attractive. To the newbie cook, it means less chances of messing up. To the busy mom, it means less time sweating it out in the kitchen. To the seasoned cook, it's a rest from those laborious works of art. To the … »

Lumpiang ubod (heart of palm spring rolls)


The last time I made lumpiang ubod, my firstborn (now 15) was still a baby and we were living at my in-laws'. I had too many excuses for not making lumpiang ubod all these years -- I had no non-stick pan to make those crepe-like wrappers, it was such a hassle going to the market so early in the morning for the ubod choice … »

Asian coleslaw

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The inspiration is from Videojug. I always thought that ALL THAT OLIVE OIL was necessary to make raw vegetables edible but it seems not. As long as the combination of vegetables is right and the dressing is good, a salad can be a wonderful thing. I modified the Videojug recipe, of course, to suit my preferences. Instead of … »

Salmon salad with mango lemon dressing


Have I ever mentioned that salmon is my favorite fish in the whole world? It is, actually. Not tuna, not tilapia, not bangus, but salmon -- smoked, preferably, but quite alright just fresh. My daughters are very much aware of my preference that they decided to give me Nick Nairn's Top 100 Salmon Recipes cookbook for … »

Baked eggplants with bacon and cheese

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Vegetables don't excite me, as a rule. This dish is an exception. Based on the classic Italian eggplant parmigiana, this baked dish consists of layers of eggplant slices, a home-cooked tomato sauce with bacon and cheese. Omit the bacon from the recipe, or substitute mushrooms, and you have a wonderful vegan dish.I … »

Broccoli and potatoes frittata


There is actually a story behind the short title of this entry. The night I was cooking this frittata, my younger daughter Alex was in the kitchen chatting via YM using the pullout table in the customized kitchen cabinet (if you want a more visual approach, see the photos in the kitchen cabinet entry in my other blog). She … »

Lumpiang labong (bamboo shoots spring rolls)


I would have made lumpiang ubod (heart of palm spring rolls) but that entails going to the market very early in the morning when the ubod is fresh and I can still specify which portion I want. But after cooking the kids' packed school lunch, by the time they have left for school, all I want is to crawl back into bed. The … »

Baby back ribs and mushrooms a la teriyaki


When Kenny Rogers Roasters came to the Philippines, baby back ribs became an instant hit. I don't know why it should be anything new. I had been eating barbecued pork ribs since I was a kid. Whether it was a fashion thing or not, all of a sudden, people were saying baby back ribs in lieu of the usual spare ribs and many … »

Kalabasa (squash) and potato soup


If you're planning on roasting a whole turkey, a jumbo chicken, a duck or a goose for Christmas and you're worried about what to do with the leftovers, you can simmer the bones with herbs and spices, cool and freeze the broth. Then, when you start craving for something really simple after you've had your fill of the uber … »