Chicken, mushroom and vegetable chowder


The rest of the cream of mushroom soup left over from the chicken dinner the other day went into this soup. I made the two dishes on the same day, actually, but I didn't serve them together. The chicken dinner was served with rice; a loaf of sourdough bread accompanied this chowder.A chowder? Yes, a chowder. Thick and creamy. The thickness is made possible by three … [Read more...]

30-minute chicken, mushrooms and peas dinner


When the typhoons came one after the other over the past several weeks, we stocked up on canned goods. That's really the only time of the year when that happens. Before and after the monsoon season, we rarely have more than a few pieces of canned goods in the pantry. But, as the Boy Scout motto goes, "Be prepared." Interruption of water and power service are all too common … [Read more...]

Spicy noodle soup, jjampong style


A bit sour and mildly hot, this noodle soup was inspired by the Korean jjampong. The traditional base for jjampong is broth made by boiling shellfish with kelp. My very easy version uses powdered dashi. Instead of pork and shellfish, this soup has mushrooms. In short, except for the fish-based dashi, this is a meatless dish.What kind of noodles would be good for this … [Read more...]

Portobello mushroom and bacon sandwiches


If good mushrooms weren't so darn hard to source and if they weren't so expensive, I'd eat them every single day. Unfortunately, the only reasonably priced mushrooms available all year 'round are oyster mushrooms and small ones at that. Button mushrooms aren't all that hard to find either but they aren't cheap. But the rest? The rest are imported and they are expensive. … [Read more...]

Chinese sausage, tofu and mushroom soup


In About Chinese sausages, I asked how you readers like to cook them and there was a comment that stood out. While most, myself included, fry Chinese sausages or include them in stir fried dishes, reader Marilyn wrote about steaming them with chicken. It made me pause but then I realized it really wasn't all that surprising. I thought about Kowloon House, its iconic siopao … [Read more...]

How to cut down on meat and fat without sacrificing flavor and texture


So, my mother has gone back to her house in the city. Meanwhile, I have a few more recipes and kitchen tips for the dishes that I cooked during the days that she stayed with us. Low-fat, low-sodium, easily digestible food for a 74-year-old.Let's start with eggplant omelet, one of the easiest dishes to prepare. A comfort food for many Filipinos. A favorite with my … [Read more...]

Chicken, tofu, shiitake and spinach stir fry


My mother is arriving tomorrow and staying for a couple of days. She's 74 years old, a retired trial court judge who still has a pretty active social life and who likes to go shopping as a form of exercise. Yeah, you read that right. She goes shopping to exercise. She says all that walking when she shops is exercise. Anyway, we used to live next door to her until we moved … [Read more...]

Chunky ham and mushroom soup


This is probably the first real dish that I cooked in days. The bug I caught left me with very little appetite and when I don't feel hungry, trust me when I say that anything I cook will reflect the way I feel. So, I didn't even bother to make an attempt. We had a salad last Monday and, apart from that, it's been mostly sandwiches and whatever we could pick up here and … [Read more...]

15-minute oversized pork burgers with creamy mushroom sauce


Need to get dinner on the table in 15 minutes? No problem.Season some ground meat, form into patties, throw into the skillet and cook until nicely browned. Cook sliced mushrooms in the same skillet, add cream and season. Spoon the creamy mushrooms over the burgers and you have a great meal. … [Read more...]