Steamed okra with garlic and pepper

Steamed okra with garlic and pepper

One of my proudest achievements as a wife is making my husband eat okra. Just kidding. But it isn’t a total lie when I say that it makes me feel good to introduce Speedy to food and dishes that he never touched while growing up. And okra is one of them although it wasn’t exactly I who made him appreciate it. Up until the girls were in high school, Speedy would thumb his nose whenever I included okra in dishes like sinigang and monggo guisado. The girls felt the same way the father did about okra so no one touched the okra in any of the dishes I added them to except me.

Then, Speedy’s younger brother, Buddy, lost weight after going on an okra diet. And Speedy re-considered okra. We have never gone on an okra diet, Speedy hasn’t lost weight, but he eats okra now — not with mere tolerance but with real gusto.

This okra dish can be the main dish in a vegetarian meal or a side dish that goes well with fried or grilled fish or meat. »

Boiled beef and vegetables with sweet-salty soy-flavored broth


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Fried whole fish with chili kangkong (swamp spinach)


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Mango and avocado salsa


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Creamed broccoli


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Vegetarian burrito with beans and mushrooms


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Flashed-fried eggplants with rice vinegar and soy sauce


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Rice-stuffed fried spring rolls with eggplant caviar dip


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Zucchini and tomato “spaghetti”


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