Rice, biryani style


If I had saffron water to drizzle over the rice after cooking, and if I had used cashew nuts instead of peanuts, this would be a more authentic biryani. Well, whatever "authentic" means considering that biryani is found in the cuisines of more than a dozen countries, including the Philippines, and none is exactly the same … »

Arroz amarillo (yellow rice)


I've always been amazed at how the Italians have developed hundreds if not thousands of ways to serve their pasta just as the Chinese have countless recipes for noodles. Come to think of it, they have done pretty much the same with rice. The Italians have their risotto; the Chinese have integrated rice into their main … »

Arroz blanco (white rice)


It is a Mexican rice dish but arroz blanco is also found in the cuisines of many other South American and Caribbean countries. There are even some claims that the dish originated from the Caribbean and was merely borrowed by the South Americans.Just as the claims about its origin vary, so do the methods for making the … »

Java rice


For non-Filipinos, and for Filipinos who left to settle elsewhere in the world before Java rice became the better half of all things grilled, Java rice is a yellow fried rice. As to why it is yellow, the most reasonable guess would be turmeric. More than six years after I first posted a recipe for Java rice (it's on page … »

Chicken teriyaki rice


Every year, on the evening of New Year's Day, my girl friends from the U.P. College of Law gather for good food, good booze and lots of chatting -- catty and otherwise. The only time I wasn't able to go to this annual bash was last year when a stomach upset tied me to the bathroom. The time and venue for our 2012 gathering … »

Sticky rice congee with chicken, lemongrass and quail eggs


Speedy and I are nursing a sick daughter at home. Alex has a cough that's been going on and off for weeks. She's lost weight, she feels weak and her much-needed sleep is often interrupted by her coughing. Speedy took her to the hospital, had her x-rayed, and tuberculosis and pneumonitis were ruled out. According to the … »

Chili-garlic chicken and rice


Pasta is versatile because you can just toss it with a flavorful sauce, sprinkle it with cheese and you have a delicious meal. You don't need a lot of expensive meat or seafood. But did you know that you can do the same with rice? The Italians do it with their risotto dishes. The Chinese have their ubiquitous fried rice. … »

Tapa fried rice


When tapa (marinated paper-thin beef slices) is served with fried rice and egg, it is called tapsilog -- a contraction for tapa, sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg). But you probably already know that.But when tapa is mixed with day-old rice and scrambled eggs then stir fried together until very hot, is it still … »

Spicy pandan-yogurt rice with crisp roast pork belly


When one talks of a special meal, the most usual attitude is to think in terms of a special main dish. I'm not exempt from that mentality. I often get so wrapped up with preparing the most delectable main dish, using very special ingredients, that I forget one obvious thing. Although a special main dish can make a meal … »

Duck and smoked fish fried rice: surprising combination that works


When I posted a duck recipe recently, I mentioned that I was challenging myself to create four different dishes (each dish for two to four people) using one duck. There was the braised duck with pineapple, orange and ginger sauce, the braised duck with mashed potatoes and gravy, the pasta recipe that I still haven't posted … »