Tinapa (smoked fish) fried rice


Except for some irritants, it's been a great weekend and first day of the week. Sunday evening, Sam and I had time to talk -- really talk -- and, gee, my firstborn is no longer a child and I need to constantly remind myself of that. Then, Alex … »

Tocino and Chinese sausage fried rice


One of the most popular Filipino breakfast dishes meets its Chinese counterpart. Chinese-style fried rice, of which chopped sausage is a common ingredient, is cooked with the Filipino combination of tocino and egg. One pan to cook everything in means … »

Paprika and tomato rice


The other night was vegetarian night. Dinner was peperonata di patate, an Italian pepper and potato stew. It took more than an hour to simmer the vegetables to tenderness and to get the sauce to thicken to the right consistency. By the time dinner … »

Brown rice: the big shift


It’s something that we tried to do when the girls were still in grade school — shift to brown rice. We bought a few kilos on trial, the girls all but spit out the rice and that was that. Not that we blamed them. Ten years ago, there … »

The adobo rice experiment


There is an adobo rice recipe in the archive where adobo sauce was stirred into the cooked rice. It's good, I have nothing to complain about though I've always wondered if there were other and, maybe better, ways to make the rice absorb the flavors … »

A la Mexican rice


Although Mexican rice and Spanish rice are terms often used interchangeably, there are marked differences between the two dishes -- saffron and chilis. Spanish rice is red-orange because of the tomatoes and saffron. Mexican rice has tomatoes and, … »