Avocado and pesto rice


Always on the lookout for exciting vegetarian recipes for Sam, I came upon one called green goddess rice by Claire Robinson. Cooked rice is tossed with a paste made with avocado, basil, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. That's practically avocado and pesto. I already had pesto in the fridge so I asked Speedy to buy one ripe avocado so we could test the recipe before … [Read more...]

A la Cajun dirty rice


"Never judge a dish by its name" is a motto that every wise diner knows. Cajun dirty rice may sound like a terrible name for a dish but one mouthful and you'll know that "terrible" is not a word to use to describe the experience of eating dirty rice. It is delicious in an indescribably deep and rich way, the dark hues provided by the combination of sausage fat, Cajun … [Read more...]

Today’s lunch: Herbed fried rice and minted soup


Summer is my least favorite part of the year. In this heat, cooking is a dreadful chore rather than a creative expression. So, meals are simple. Everything I cook does not require me to stand in front of the stove for any extended period of time. And the less time that the stove is on, the less the heat that gets trapped inside the house.Lunch today, for instance, was … [Read more...]

Egg-topped zucchini and tomato rice


Lunch was a quick and simple affair. It had to be. I couldn't be bothered to do anything more complicated than a one-pot rice dish because my mind is on Sam's exhibit. That is today's priority. That is today's highlight.Made with pre-cooked pork, day-old rice, fresh vegetables and sweet basil, this egg-topped zucchini and tomato rice is filling, colorful and tasty to … [Read more...]

Garlic and saffron rice


My future-sister-in-law, Laura, went on an extended trip to Europe and she brought home a jar of saffron for me. I'm sure that everyone was hoping I'd cook paella for the family reunion last December 30 but our share in the potluck party was fresh fruit salad plus an extra vegetarian dish for Sam. I didn't make it to the reunion though because I stayed home with Alex who … [Read more...]

Chicken, vegetables and Sriracha fried rice


A complete meal in one bowl, this dish has meat, vegetables, carbs (no, I am not scared of carbs) and lots of flavor. It's another example of how simple ingredients can be turned into a fantastic dish by following two basic cooking techniques: 1) stir frying basics and 2) layering the flavors. The links are provided and I really recommend that you read the linked articles. … [Read more...]

Herbed rice and buttered vegetables


The "fish fillet" behind the rice is soya-based textured vegetable protein. Sam likes to include what she calls "fake meat" and "fake fish" in her meals for texture more than anything else. I mean, they don't have any distinctive flavor so what they really do is add bulk. And because they turn crisp when fried, they lend that fried meat or fried fish feel to an otherwise … [Read more...]

Chicken rice


Alton Brown's corned beef recipe has intrigued me for a long time. I finally decided to try it. I made the brine, poured it over two large slabs of beef and the meat is now marinating in the fridge where it will stay for the next ten days. But I made too much brine for the two slabs of beef that I had. Instead of throwing away the very flavorful liquid, I decided to use it … [Read more...]

Leeks, pepper, asparagus and mushroom pilaf


At its most basic, pilaf (the spelling varies depending on the region) is rice cooked in seasoned broth. It is found in many cultures including Middle Eastern, South Asian and Caribbean. In English speaking cultures, it is often referred to as "rice pilaf" which is redundant because pilaf can refer to nothing but rice. The ultimate root of the word is the Sanskrit pul?ka … [Read more...]

Chili and garlic burgers with vegetables fried rice


In the white chocolate, lemon and poppy seed cake post, there was a question about whether poppy seeds were added to the cake for appearance or taste. I told her it's 90% flavor and 10% appearance. Come to think of it, the visual appeal of poppy seeds is just coincidental.It's a very Generation Y question, I suppose. In an age when everyone's scrambling to photograph … [Read more...]