Smoked salmon and tofu stir fry

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Smoked salmon is one of life's greatest pleasures. LOL No, really, I love smoked salmon. Give me smoked salmon and I won't ask for anything else. It was supposed to be a birthday treat from my husband but he couldn't find a reasonably sized pack that … »

Mapo tofu

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The first time I cooked mapo tofu, I used Lee Kum Kee's ready made sauce. Too spicy for my kids. By cooking the dish from scratch--no ready made sauce--I could adjust the spiciness. Now my kids love mapo tofu, especially the silken tofu part. :) … »

Lechon con tokwa

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Lechon con tokwa was one of our favorite dishes in a Chinese restaurant in Caloocan City. Took me a long time to duplicate it. Not the taste but the proper texture of the lechon kawali.Basically, lechon con tokwa is a stir-fry made with lechon … »

Another beef and tofu stirfry

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First, there was beef con tokwa. And now a new way of seasoning the classic beef and tofu stirfy. No oyster sauce, just soy paste and a little light brown sugar.The classic way of making stirfried beef dishes is to use tender cuts of beef like … »

Tokwa’t Baboy


Tokwa't baboy is the traditional accompaniment for lugaw, pancit palabok and pancit luglog. It is actually a side dish. But, since we're not big on lugaw, pancit palabok or pancit luglog we eat our tokwa't baboy as ulam (viand). We took a break from … »

Beef con tokwa

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Beef con Tokwa is not a saucy dish. In fact, it is almost dry. The one cup or so of sauce that is poured into it is just enough to coat the sliced beef and the tofu cubes. And there lies the secret.Tokwa is the local name for tofu or soy bean curd. … »

Tofu and Vegetables Stir – fry

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The nicest thing about Chinese stir-fried dishes is that you can get just about any combination of vegetables available, cut them up in the same sizes, and throw them in the wok with a little meat (or even none at all) and some good sauce. The best … »

Beef and tofu with three sauces

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There was a Chinese restaurant in the city where everything in the menu was available at the take-out counter. One of my favorites was a dish called beef tokwa. The main ingredients were thin slices of sirloin and silken tofu. While I enjoyed it … »

Tofu in oyster sauce

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Feeling like going vegetarian for dinner?Try this tofu dish. With its thick sauce, rich flavor and the aroma of sesame seed oil, you won't miss your meat.I saw an old National Geographic episode recently that featured tofu. I learned that there … »