Chili-garlic chicken and tofu


Inexpensive, healthy and with the ability to absorb flavors like a sponge, tofu is a great ingredient to combine with meat, poultry or seafood. In this recipe, the partially cooked chicken and tofu were tossed with spices and aromatics and they all … »

Lemongrass and chili stuffed tofu


And so we take a break from the sweets and the meats and all those rich dishes that seem to be the benchmark of the holiday season. The girls are back in the condo, and Speedy and I thought we'd live on scraps and leftovers for the next couple of … »

Crisp tofu in tomato chili sauce


Although there are so many varieties of tofu, I have only cooked with three -- firm, silken and tofu skin. Firm tofu is what I usually fry and add to meat and vegetables to make stir fried dishes. Tofu skin or bean curd sheets, sometimes referred to … »

Pork, tofu and eggplant stir fry


Tomatoes and tofu are not ingredients that I'd ordinarily consider to be ideal partners. Because tofu is so neutral, I'd rather combine it with a rich sauce to make it pop. Lately, however, Speedy and I have been experimenting with tofu dishes and it … »

Sweet and sour tofu with bean sprouts and fresh herbs


Tofu -- that wonderful high-protein, low-calorie and almost fat-free soybean curd that absorbs flavors and seasonings like a sponge. In this recipe, a cake of firm tofu was cubed, flash-fried then tossed with ginger-infused sweet and sour sauce. … »

Tofu and bangus (milkfish) belly fillets with teriyaki sauce


Too many sandwiches on too many days and I was craving for a simple stir fry that explodes with Asian flavors. So on our last trip to the grocery, I bought a couple of blocks of tofu and promised myself I'd satisfy the craving. I started to with this … »

Lettuce-wrapped pork, eggplants and tofu


It's almost like a salad but it's so much more substantial than a salad. The filling of braised pork, eggplants and tofu is a dish all it's own. Normally, I'd have eaten it with rice. But there was just me in the house for lunch so I decided against … »

Meatless Ma Po Tofu


It didn't sound right at first -- cooking ma po tofu without meat. But, yesterday, not wanting to waste the silken tofu that was nearing expiration but without having thawed any meat to go with it, I decided to take the plunge -- ma po tofu with … »

Tofu and mushrooms with bean sprouts and spinach


I like vegetables but I'm not really a raw vegetable salad person. And I like more than greens in my vegetable dishes. I like colors and textures and an interplay of shapes and sizes. This dish, for me, satisfies all those … »

Sesame miso soup


Miso soup is something that my daughters can make with one eye closed. Along with kani salad, miso soup has been such a favorite in our family that there was a period when we'd have kani salad and miso soup every other day. We're past that stage now, … »