Lettuce-wrapped pork, eggplants and tofu


It's almost like a salad but it's so much more substantial than a salad. The filling of braised pork, eggplants and tofu is a dish all it's own. Normally, I'd have eaten it with rice. But there was just me in the house for lunch so I decided against … [Read more...]

Tofu and mushrooms with bean sprouts and spinach


I like vegetables but I'm not really a raw vegetable salad person. And I like more than greens in my vegetable dishes. I like colors and textures and an interplay of shapes and sizes. This dish, for me, satisfies all those requirements.Spinach and … [Read more...]

Sesame miso soup


Miso soup is something that my daughters can make with one eye closed. Along with kani salad, miso soup has been such a favorite in our family that there was a period when we'd have kani salad and miso soup every other day. We're past that stage now, we … [Read more...]

Sweet and spicy fish and tofu


Sweet and sour dishes are common. But sweet and spicy? Nothing irritatingly sweet, don't worry. It all starts with the basic sweet and sour sauce but there's less vinegar and more sugar.Why not just fish? Why add tofu? Well, you can interpret the … [Read more...]

Easy tofu and asparagus stir fry


I've been wondering all day why there were so many photos of dishes with asparagus at Food Gawker until I read that asparagus and spring go together. I never really associated vegetables with seasons. We get most vegetables, including asparagus, in this … [Read more...]

Fish and tofu with sweet rice wine sauce


Think tokwa't baboy without the pork. The sauce is slightly sweet, less vinegary so it doesn't scratch the throat -- and spicy because of the addition of sliced chilis. Then, imagine each mouthful being accompanied by crunchy green onion leaves and the … [Read more...]

Smoked milkfish, mushrooms and tofu spring rolls


You are looking at the ingredients for the fried spring rolls that we had for dinner tonight. I can only hope that my husband who is in Boracay for four days with his officemates can read this entry so he'll know what he's missing. Because I've never had … [Read more...]

Ma Po tofu


Spicy, salty, a bit pungent with a heady aroma, this classic and very popular Chinese dish from the Sichuan (Szechuan) province is a favorite with my family because it is both delicous and easy to prepare.There are two recipes for Ma Po tofu in the … [Read more...]