Tofu recipes

Peperonata con tofu


Italy meets China in a vegetarian dish. Sam loves bell peppers so I cooked one of the most well-loved Italian vegetable stews for her. Peperonata is a dish of stewed peppers and it is often served accompanied by rustic bread. Soft vegetables, crisp bread crust... You know, contrast.But since Sam was going to have her peperonata with rice, I ditched the bread and served … [Read more...]

Vegetarian scrambled “egg” and vegetables pie


The last time we were at The Vegetarian Kitchen, Speedy had a plate of longganisang macau (not real meat, of course) and a "scramble" that looked and tasted like real eggs. The scramble was made with crumbled tofu flavored and tinted with turmeric and Himalayan black salt. The Vegetarian Kitchen lady boss and kusinera Tita Soliongco taught us how to prepare the scramble … [Read more...]

Pechay (bok choy) with pork and tofu in oyster sauce


Before objecting violently that native pechay is not exactly bok choy, read this. That said, know that I have neither the time nor the inclination to engage in a discussion-going-nowhere about the intricate world of Chinese cabbages. I've a lot of writing to do tonight. There's this recipe and two other articles -- one on how to boil water and another on how to … [Read more...]

Sweet and spicy kangkong with shredded pork and fried tofu


If you've got cooked pork that's too little to turn into a complete dish, try combining it with a little bit of this and that, wave your magic wand and create some magic. Kidding. You don't need a wand. You just need to believe that you can do magic. And you can with this recipe.And just where did the too little pork come from? Oh, you know me. I like simmering bones … [Read more...]

A vegetarian sweet and sour dish


We’ve come to know sweet and sour Chinese-style dishes in two basic forms. As a stir fry, floured thin strips of pork or fish are tossed with sweet and sour sauce and some vegetables (often, just added for color). Or the dish can consist of a whole fish that had been deep fried until crisp, [...] … [Read more...]

Lechon kawali con tokwa (pan fried pork belly and tofu)


Speedy just finished mowing in the garden and the smell of new-mown grass is something that I can only describe as provincial. If that's not provincial enough, the mowing managed to disturb the almost invisible inhabitants in the grass and sent them scrambling. In through the bathroom windows they came and, against the sunlight, I could see that there were at least three … [Read more...]

Agedashi tofu


According to Tastefully Done, age means deep fried and dashi, of course, is the stock made with bonito flakes and kelp. Hence, agedashi tofu. For me, it's the queen of tofu dishes. Squares of fried delicate soft tofu served with a light salty-sweet sauce.Two characteristics make this dish stand out. First, the contrasting textures of the fried tofu -- soft inside … [Read more...]

Sweet and sticky meatballs and tofu


Made with a cake of silken tofu and a cup of leftover lumpiang shanghai filling, this dish has just the right amount of meat, crunch, sweetness, spiciness and saltiness. Hoisin sauce makes the meatballs and tofu deliciously sticky. … [Read more...]

Cooking with bits and pieces


So, I mentioned the other day that I made a huge pot of broth by simmering scrap bones primarily to make my a la zuppa Toscana.I also mentioned that I poured the cooled broth into separate containers which went into the freezer. I will use the broth, one container at a time, when I want to make soup in the coming days.Let me now show you what I did with the … [Read more...]

Chicken, tofu, shiitake and spinach stir fry


My mother is arriving tomorrow and staying for a couple of days. She's 74 years old, a retired trial court judge who still has a pretty active social life and who likes to go shopping as a form of exercise. Yeah, you read that right. She goes shopping to exercise. She says all that walking when she shops is exercise. Anyway, we used to live next door to her until we moved … [Read more...]