Everything tastes better with bacon — including egg salad sandwich


I have to admit that this post is about "rubbing it in." And I have my friend and UP Law batch mate Raffy Aquino to thank for the link to an article that makes "skinny blogs" so last decade.Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra says the obsession with a low-fat diet has “paradoxically increased” the risk of heart … »

Steamed fish with sweet soy-ginger sauce


A lesson I learned today: When cooking fish steak, buy uncut fish then slice into steaks just before cooking. They turn out tastier and juicier that way.The long story: Speedy chanced upon very fresh tanigue (Spanish mackerel) in the market. The upper half of the fish had been cut into steaks (see the difference between … »

Chicharon (pork cracklings) and egg mazemen


A Speedy Veneracion original, the noodles are tossed with garlic-infused soya oil and toasted garlic bits. Then, the chicharon and poached egg are added and, for the finishing touches, toasted black sesame seeds and torn cilantro... Continue reading » … »

Creamed broccoli


Sometimes, a "same old, sale old" dish becomes something spectacular with just the right accessory. Take fried chicken, for instance... Although most people think there is nothing boring about fried chicken, it sure can get a lift. And this side dish of creamed broccoli does a stunning job. Not only is it a side dish, it … »

Vegetarian burrito with beans and mushrooms


I've always wondered if black-eyed peas were different from black-eyed beans. It appears that they're the same. After that discovery, I chanced upon dried sitaw (yard-long) beans at the grocery and I wondered of sitaw beans which have that distinctive black spot, are the same as what the English-speaking world calls … »

Spicy rice noodles with chicken teriyaki and fresh herbs


If we're really honest about it, there is no pure cuisine in Southeast Asia. Everywhere it's a fusion of local cuisine, Chinese influence and colonial legacies. Even the cuisine of Thailand, the only Asian country that was never colonized by a foreign power, is a blend of native culinary traditions and those of neighboring … »

Flashed-fried eggplants with rice vinegar and soy sauce


On Thursday evening, as we were scanning the contents of the fridge in preparation for the arrival of the girls the following night, Speedy said our weekend restaurant was about to open again. That's how he describes the cooking and eating routine on weekends when the girls are home -- we're like a restaurant that's open … »

Bacon and egg mazemen


While most of us ramen lovers know the Japanese classic as a noodle soup, it turns out that there is such a thing as "dry ramen". Abura soba, or "oil noodles" consists of ramen and the traditional toppings but, instead of soup, they are served with a soy-flavored oil. And then there's hiyashi-chuka which is served cold and … »

Stir-fried chicken with green peas and cashew nuts


We don't go to Kowloon House very often anymore -- in fact, I can't even remember the last time we ate there. As Sam and Alex grew older, they discovered that they preferred Japanese food over Chinese food and on the occasions that they craved Chinese food, we often went to Causeway Seafood Restaurant and President Grand … »



A rich stew of ox tail, face, leg, tripe or all of them together, and a variety of vegetables in a sauce flavored and thickened with roasted ground peanuts (peanut butter is just as good!) and toasted rice flour.Another way to prepare kare-kare is to cook the vegetables separately in the stock in which the meat has … »