Linguine with chorizo and pesto (birthday noodles for Speedy)


It's Speedy's birthday today. I'd have prepared a more special meal but, last Sunday, I caught a flu-like bug and I still feel a bit woozy. Still, I wanted to cook birthday noodles for him. It's an Asian thing. Long noodles equals long life and a noodle dish on a birthday is like a wish that the celebrant enjoys a long life. All the diners must partake of the noodle dish; … [Read more...]

Pot roast with strawberry sauce


The sauce traces its origin on an accident that took place in Baguio a few months ago. Speedy and I were browsing the flea market stalls behind Wright Park and there was this sales girl practically pushing jars of strawberry jam at us. The price was good and we took a chance. Huge mistake, it turned out. The jam was so thick it wasn't spreadable. Too much pectin, I … [Read more...]

Slow cooker recipe: Chinese-style braised pork hock


I seriously believe that I am under-using my slow cooker. Blame it on a bad experience the first time I used it. I followed the instructions in the manual that said there is no need to add a lot of liquid because the meat's natural juices are enough. I also paid attention to the part that said adding fat to the meat or using fatty meat is not recommended because fat raises … [Read more...]

Warm sausage and potato salad with honey-mustard dressing


We have a new agreement, Speedy and I. If it rains, I cook lunch and dinner. If it does not, I cook lunch and we can have leftovers or sandwiches for dinner. It's not a permanent arrangement but only until the extreme humidity lets up. In this heat, I just don't feel too inspired to cook and one cooked meal a day is better than sandwiches for both lunch and dinner.It … [Read more...]

5-ingredient sweet-spicy chicken


At the risk of sounding boring, I'm going to whine anyway. The rainy season is so darn late, the air is heavy with moisture, the humidity is punishing and I'm taking short cuts with our meals. I figured that the less ingredients I use, and if I can do away completely with chopping and slicing and mincing, the better I'd feel.This chicken dish has no more than five … [Read more...]

Angel hair pasta with crumbled chorizo


When I travel, I make it a point not to buy anything that I'd be able to find back home anyway. Travel is about discovering new things, after all. Or, when travelling somewhere I had visited before, it is a reacquaintance with food specialties and delicacies that had made previous visits memorable.So, the loot from my food shopping adventures in Negros Occidental was … [Read more...]

Linguine with spinach and yogurt sauce


The girls are on their summer break. Meal times are irregular as they catch up on sleep and their favorite TV shows. I have stopped trying to predict when they would come down for a meal so I cook whenever is convenient for me and spread everything on the dining table. I'm really not a believer in eating meals according to where the hands of the clock are pointed. My motto … [Read more...]

A vegan stir fry with mushroom balls and kangkong (water spinach) stalks


Sinigang, a sour soup with meat or seafood and vegetables, has always been a favorite with my daughters. When they were toddlers, they were especially fond of sinigang na bangus. By the time they were in grade school, Sam preferred chicken sinigang while Alex favored pork sinigang. But whether the sinigang was cooked with meat or seafood, they had a special way of dividing … [Read more...]

Liempo (pork belly) nuggets


There's chicken nuggets, fish nuggets and even vegetarian mock chicken nuggets made with soya. In the case of chicken nuggets, despite consistently appearing in lists of the most unhealthy food items, they remain popular especially among young children. At home, we like to make our own with real chicken fillets instead of the ground discarded chicken parts which commercial … [Read more...]