Steamed crabs

Alimasag have spots and are generally smaller; alimango have a solid orange color and are bigger. There are many other varieties of crabs but these are the most common edible … [Read more...]

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Another beef and tofu stirfry

First, there was beef con tokwa. And now a new way of seasoning the classic beef and tofu stirfy. No oyster sauce, just soy paste and a little light brown sugar.The classic … [Read more...]


Tokwa’t Baboy

Tokwa't baboy is the traditional accompaniment for lugaw, pancit palabok and pancit luglog. It is actually a side dish. But, since we're not big on lugaw, pancit palabok or … [Read more...]


Fish fillets in kalamansi sauce

Talakitok (photo of a giant one here), according to one site is Caranx ignoblis. Another site calls it cavalla fish. Personally, I do not know what its English name is and I'm … [Read more...]


Skinless longganisa

Longganisa is native sausage. The seasonings vary depending on the regional origin. Lucban and Vigan longganisa are garlicky, for instance. Then there is the sweet longganisa … [Read more...]

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Kikiam (Que – kiam)

Que-kiam is another popular Chinese dish adopted into Filipino cuisine. Locally known as kikiam, it is made with ground pork and vegetables wrapped in bean curd sheets then … [Read more...]

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Baby back ribs

Preparation and cooking time was one hour--and I cooked the baby back ribs twice. That's how tender the meat was. This was last night's dinner. Baby back ribs--braised then … [Read more...]


Siomai soup

Steamed dumplings, more popularly known in the Philippines as siomai may be served as an appetizer, as a noodle soup or as siomai soup. As an appetizer, siomai is best served … [Read more...]