Jar cap inspired fried rice


Inspired by a recipe on the cap of a cheez weez jar, my 12-year-old daughter and I "conspired" to make this fried rice dish. I expected the kids to like it, naturally... who can resist a topping like that? But, surprisingly, even my husband enjoyed … »

No waste chicken and rice meal


A whole chicken was the one and only item left in our freezer this morning--a clear reminder that we had to go either to the wet market or the supermarket later in the day. I was actually dreaming of lechon kawali but it would have to wait. As it was … »

Roast chicken asado

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A whole chicken is marinated for at least twenty-four hours to prepare it for roasting. Meat is braised in a salty-sweet sauce to make asado. I combined the two to create a new way of cooking roast whole chicken. I call it roast chicken asado.The … »

Talakitok belly and corn chowder


I grilled a huge fish belly for dinner yesterday but hubby came home with a mango cream pie from Red Ribbon before dinner was ready. We ended up eating the pie before dinner. Naturally, we had leftovers. Instead of cooking a new dish from scratch for … »

Pechay and mushrooms stir fry

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Reader Ashanti was asking what she could do with Chinese bok choy and I mentioned that in the Philippines (in wet markets, anyway), the many varieties of pechay, including the variety that closely resembles the Chinese bok choy, are referred to by … »

Igado and batchoy


Igado is an Ilocano dish made with lomo (pork tenderloin), pig's heart, lapay (spleen), bato (kidney) and atay (liver) spiced with lots of ginger and garlic, and seasoned with patis (fermeneted fish sauce). I actually hadn't heard of it until a few … »

20 – minute pancit miki

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had 20 minutes to cook before the kids got home from school the other day. I had thawed a chicken breast earlier and was planning on some chicken salad sandwiches but I had 1/4 kilo of miki (fresh egg noodles) that I didn't want to go to waste. I … »

Fish and fish eggs soup


We were at the Antipolo wet market early this morning for some fish. I already bought a kilo of hito (catfish) when I saw the still uncut tanigue (Spanish mackerel). I just couldn't resist it. I asked for two pieces of tanigue belly and as the … »

Inihaw na panga ng tuna


The most common misconception about grilled panga (jaw) ng tuna is that it is something complicated to prepare. Actually, it's the easiest thing to cook.The first thing about grilling panga ng tuna is a well-cut panga. Some fish vendors cheat and … »