Pasta with tuyo (dried herring)


This is another one of my cheat-the-kids dishes. If I have my secret pasta sauce to bamboozle friends' kids into eating vegetables, I made this pasta dish to cheat my 12-year-old daughter into eating tuyo which she absolutely loathed. There was an overnight school affair one time when breakfast on the second day consisted of fried tuyo, eggs and sinangag (fried rice). And … [Read more...]

My secret pasta sauce


I taught my daughters to eat vegetables by finely mincing boiled potatoes, carrots or kalabasa (squash) with rice and broth as soon they were old enough to eat table food. I taught them to eat fresh fruits in the same manner. So, I never really had problems feeding them vegetables. Of course, they have personal preferences too. Alex does not like talong (eggplants), for … [Read more...]

Serving idea for store-bought siomai (pork dumplings)


Officially, summer has ended. But the humidity remains the same. Not exactly the ideal setting for long preparations in the kitchen--one of the reasons why I haven't made siomai (steamed pork dumplings) in quite a while. So when my daughters saw trays and trays of siomai in the supermarket, they asked if we could buy some. Now, I am wary of frozen siomai. Eight times out … [Read more...]

Clams spaghetti with white wine


I'm pretty sure there is a more sophisticated name for this dish other than the descriptive and provincial sounding "clams spaghetti with white wine". Whatever the proper name is, I have no idea. A cousin's husband prepared something similar to this during a weekend party in Tagaytay some time ago and I've been meaning to make the dish myself. When I saw an episode of … [Read more...]

Pasta a la panikera

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I don't use commercial pasta sauce. I like making my pasta sauce from scratch. There are times though when it's tempting to just stack up on jars of pasta sauce. They seem so convenient. Earlier today, I was in such a rush to cook lunch and I thought, "If I had a jar of pasta sauce, all I would have to do is cook the pasta and pour the sauce over it." It would be going … [Read more...]

Beef and sotanghon (vermicelli noodles)

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Minor renovations in the house started today. Since we're far from the center of the town, my husband suggested that I cook extra for lunch to include the workers. It turned out that they brought packed lunches but the half kilo of sotanghon (vermicelli noodles) that I cooked was gone by 4.00 p.m anyway. More than half was consumed over lunch and the remainder for … [Read more...]

Meatballs stroganoff


I can give you the recipe in three sentences. Meatballs made with ground beef and finely chopped belly bacon, browned in a mixture of olive oil and butter, then simmered with sliced mushrooms in a sauce made with canned mushroom soup. Off the heat, sour cream is stirred into the sauce. The sauce is ladled on cooked spaghetti and the meatballs arranged on top. That's not … [Read more...]

Chicken mami (noodle soup)


This is a hurried-up version of chicken mami or Chinese style chicken noodle soup. If you want the more complete version, click here.I read somewhere that it is only in the Philippines where Chinese style noodle soup is known as "mami". That was after a Chinese immigrant put up Ma Mon Luk in Manila, a humble restaurant specializing in noodle soups and siopao (steamed … [Read more...]

Pesto and smoked salmon spaghetti

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Yesterday's lunch. About two hours after experimenting with my Pinoy Pesto, I thawed the few slices of smoked salmon I had left. Then, I boiled some spaghetti--just enough for one meal.While the spaghetti was boiling, I tore the smoked salmon into small pieces.When the spaghetti was done, I drained it and, without rinsing with cold water, I placed it in a bowl. I added … [Read more...]

Chicken and macaroni salad


The chicken and macaroni salad I grew up with had lots of pineapple tidbits--which I hated. When I learned to prepare the salad myself, I ditched the pineapple altogether but that really detracted from the overall taste of the dish. I realized that the contrast, the tang and sweetness of the pineapple, was really wonderful for the otherwise plain salty dish. Still, I … [Read more...]