Chicken and sausages pasta

We are a Dream Satellite subscriber. That means we don't have the Lifestyle Channel. The rare times I am able to enjoy the network's cooking programs, I try to make the most … [Read more...]


Pollo con queso

Before we moved to the suburb, my family frequented Shangri-La Plaza Shopping Mall in Pasig. There was a stall in the basement food court called Vincenzo's and one of the … [Read more...]

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Beef stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is beef and mushrooms sauteed in butter then simmered in sour cream. It is good with bread and butter or pasta. I served it to my family for dinner tonight … [Read more...]

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Macaroni, beef and corn soup

Another light lunch for another scorching day, we had this creamy soup with chunks of beef, macaroni and whole corn kernals with toasted bread spread with herbed butter. It … [Read more...]

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Spaghetti a la carbonara

This photo has been sitting on my hard drive for about a month. When I took it, I wasn't sure if I should delete the old carbonara entry and post a new one. I couldn't just … [Read more...]

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20 – minute pancit miki

had 20 minutes to cook before the kids got home from school the other day. I had thawed a chicken breast earlier and was planning on some chicken salad sandwiches but I had … [Read more...]