Asian noodles. And pasta too.

Recipes for favorite Asian noodles and pasta dishes.

Pasta Tinapa


Between the main dining area and the dessert bar at Casa Vallejo’s Hill Station is a stand where preserves for sale are displayed. There were three things I couldn’t pass up on and one of them was the jar of tinapa in olive oil. What the two other things are, I’ll write about in the coming days.


I opened the jar of tinapa in olive oil yesterday and combined half of its contents with vegetables and home-grown basil to make a light pasta dish for lunch. A perfect summer dish! »

Pork asado noodle soup


There are two ways to cook the meat component of this comforting noodle soup. The first is to cook the pork char siu style; the second is to braise it Filipino asado style. I prefer the latter. And liempo (pork belly) is my favorite pork cut to use. … »

4-ingredient sauce for sweet-spicy-tangy Asian noodles


What makes a noodle dish Asian? The flavors? The ingredients? Both? The sauce for this noodle dish was made with four things and four things only — equal amounts of tamarind paste, sweetened peanut butter, light soy sauce and Sriracha. Tamarind … »

Chicharon (pork cracklings) and egg mazemen


A Speedy Veneracion original, the noodles are tossed with garlic-infused soya oil and toasted garlic bits. Then, the chicharon and poached egg are added and, for the finishing touches, toasted black sesame seeds and torn cilantro... Continue reading … »

Spicy rice noodles with chicken teriyaki and fresh herbs


If we're really honest about it, there is no pure cuisine in Southeast Asia. Everywhere it's a fusion of local cuisine, Chinese influence and colonial legacies. Even the cuisine of Thailand, the only Asian country that was never colonized by a … »

Bacon and egg mazemen


While most of us ramen lovers know the Japanese classic as a noodle soup, it turns out that there is such a thing as "dry ramen". Abura soba, or "oil noodles" consists of ramen and the traditional toppings but, instead of soup, they are served with a … »

Pancit canton with lechon kawali


In one week, the Year of the Wooden Horse will be upon us. We're not Chinese but the Chinese New Year has always been a big thing in the Philippines (at least in Metropolitan Manila) for as long as I can remember. We were in Chinatown last Sunday and … »

Beef hofan


Alex has a thing for beef hofan. She's obsessed with it. It was the only dish that she asked for when she got sick over the holidays (we didn't give her any because her digestive system went on vacation); it's one of about five dishes that she craves … »

Macaroni in cream sauce with bacon, mushrooms and asparagus


Noodles, collectively, is such a party favorite. In Asia, no birthday is ever complete without a long noodle dish which symbolizes wishes for a long life. For big gatherings, noodles serve a dual purpose. First, almost everyone loves them. Second, … »

Pancit bihon with lechon kawali


One time, Speedy drove Alex to her rented condo near the school, they got caught in traffic (what's new?) and, by the time they got there, they were both famished. Since Speedy doesn't know half as much as Alex does about where to eat in the area, … »