Ostrich meat, tapa style


Ah, the interesting things one learns when looking for information about something else...I was looking for a good culinary definition of tapa and was about to post that it shouldn't be confused with the Spanish tapas when I realized that the two … »

Beef and broccoli leaves

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When I cooked my beef and sotanghon dish a couple of days ago, I actually boiled a kilo of beef brisket. Half went into the noodle dish; half went into this braised dish that I cooked for dinner last Monday.Broccoli leaves means, well... broccoli … »

Roast pork asado


The more common way of cooking pork asado is to braise a slab of pork until tender then slice it afterwards. The Chinese way of cooking pork asado is to roast marinated pork tenderloin (lomo). The difference, of course, is in the way the dish is … »

Meatballs stroganoff


I can give you the recipe in three sentences. Meatballs made with ground beef and finely chopped belly bacon, browned in a mixture of olive oil and butter, then simmered with sliced mushrooms in a sauce made with canned mushroom soup. Off the heat, … »

Floyd's Greek stew

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I've posted this recipe before; it was one of those that got lost when my database went berserk last December. I would have reposted it but I forgot what I had put in it. I remembered that I based it on a Greek lamb stew from Discovery Travel & … »

Pork, spinach and Pinoy pesto

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So, what else have I done with my Pinoy Pesto after last Thursday's glorious lunch of pesto and smoked salmon spaghetti? On Friday evening, I used the pesto to make a pork dish. Cooking this pork, spinach and pesto dish couldn't be simpler. Cooking … »

Mongo con pata


My husband wanted a callos dinner a couple of days ago and he bought a kilo and a half of ox tripe to make the dish. Well, for me to make the dish, I mean. I told him we'd need more than the tripe to make callos. We'd need ox pata (hocks) too. It is … »

Bulalo picadillo


Bulalo is a cross cut of the beef shank with the bone marrow. Picadillo is a soup dish with minced beef and usually with cubed chayote. I have a more interesting way of cooking picadillo though--I use a combination of cubed chayote, potatoes and … »