Mongo con pata


My husband wanted a callos dinner a couple of days ago and he bought a kilo and a half of ox tripe to make the dish. Well, for me to make the dish, I mean. I told him we'd need more than the tripe to make callos. We'd need ox pata (hocks) too. It is by simmering the pata, with the bones, that makes the callos sauce thick and rich. The ligaments from the pata liquefy and … [Read more...]

Bulalo picadillo


Bulalo is a cross cut of the beef shank with the bone marrow. Picadillo is a soup dish with minced beef and usually with cubed chayote. I have a more interesting way of cooking picadillo though--I use a combination of cubed chayote, potatoes and carrots. It was something I "invented" a couple of years ago and that's how we have been enjoying picadillo at home ever since … [Read more...]

Humba (braised pork belly)


*UPDATE: Click here for a better recipe for humba and how to serve it as cua pao.A classic Filipino pork dish, the traditional way of cooking humba is to slowly simmer a whole slab of pork belly in a mixture of tausi (salted black beans), vinegar, dark brown sugar, garlic, onions, peppercorns and oregano. The more elegant way of cooking humba is to grill the pork belly … [Read more...]

Mapo Tofu, take 2

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The last time I cooked mapo tofu, I used tausi, or salted black beans. It was great although I found the cooked dish a tad too "strong". I wanted it more mellow, the saltiness less pronounced. So, I substituted salted yellow beans, added minced ginger and some fresh Chinese coriander, omitted the soya sauce and added a few other ingredients...What do you know? My mapo … [Read more...]

Roast pork loin and spicy kangkong

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Kangkong is cheap. Kangkong is healthy. Kangkong is available all year round. Kangkong is water or swamp spinach. Just like mongo, it is often referred to as the poor man's fare.Kangkong happens to be my kids' favorite leafy vegetable. That's why I keep experimenting on new ways to cook it. In cooking this roast pork loin with spicy kangkong, my idea was to come up with … [Read more...]

Beef, bacon and chorizo pasta sauce


The holidays are almost over. But until they are, there will still be a lot of unexpected guests and gatherings. The other day, I decided to make a huge pot of pasta sauce that would go well with spaghetti, macaroni or even lasagne, put it in an airtight container and kept it in the fridge. In case of emergency, I will only need to boil some pasta, reheat the sauce, toss … [Read more...]

Ham and cheese omelet

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My husband took the kids to school this morning for their twice weekly reporting to the Kumon Center. They were in such a rush that no one had a proper breakfast. Since they would only be there for about an hour, I used that hour to make some ham and cheese omelets. I cooked two and they were ready by the time my family got back.My 13-year-old exclaimed, "Ham na naman … [Read more...]

Pre Christmas callos


Multi-tasking has taken on a new dimension for me this Christmas. Between the huge task of reconstructing this blog after last Sunday's database debacle, changing the curtains, laundering the seat covers, cooking and having the house ready for family reunions before the New Year, I don't know how I've survived the past week without tearing my hair out. I even managed to … [Read more...]

Roast pork with mushroom sauce

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My kids absolutely loved this one.It looks pretty enough for a dressy dinner but don't be fooled by its appearance. It's so easy to make. No special cooking skills necessary to make this wonderful roast pork with mushroom sauce. If you can slice and stir, you can do this one. … [Read more...]

Roast lamb submarine sandwich


   My family loves grilled lamb chops but we've never tried roasting a whole leg of lamb. On a whim, I bought a whole leg of lamb a couple of weeks ago. I roasted it as some sort of a dry run for a dinner party we'd be hosting sometime between Christmas and New Year. I wanted to find out how many people a whole leg of lamb could feed.Instead of … [Read more...]