Pork and peas stew

Did you know that cooking meat in large slabs and cutting them only afterward makes it retain more moisture? I had a 1.5 kilogram slab of pork which I browned in a little oil. … [Read more...]


Toast with sausage gravy

The easiest way to make sausage gravy is to buy sausage (no, not canned Vienna sausage), peel off the skin, crumble the meat and cook it. There are enough sausage varieties … [Read more...]


Pork and beans

It's been rainy for days. I like how the weather has cooled although I feel so sorry for those who have been caught in flash floods and traffic jams. Story of life in the … [Read more...]


Pork steak stew

Alex and her friend, Chesca, arrived late last night for an unexpected visit. They slept over, no one got up for breakfast and, by lunch time, I knew that everyone could use a … [Read more...]