Pork ribs with chili sauce


I was supposed to cook fish for lunch and I had already found the perfect recipe for the two pieces of talakitok (trevally) but Alex was coming home and the two pieces of fish wouldn't have been enough for Speedy, me and her.Change of menu. Instead of the fish, I cooked a small rack of pork ribs. But I cooked it … »

An eggs and sausages breakfast tip


One of my favorite breakfasts -- eggs and sausages. Well-browned spicy sausages and fried eggs, sunny side up, to be more accurate. Spicy sausages? Yes, garlicky and hot, if available. Not canned Vienna sausages nor hotdogs, definitely, but real sausages. The Italian and Spanish kind are really the best. Among local … »

Gingered pork and spinach with Worcestershire sauce


I didn't realize how much I missed writing about non-food related things. Been writing so much stuff (here, here and here) I almost forgot that the food section has not been updated. I'm rectifying the omission now with a recipe for this very simple dish that we had for dinner.What is it, exactly? Speedy asked me that … »

Pork and tofu with black beans and chili sauce


The Korean mini-grocery in the neighborhood is a gold mine -- a convenient source of so many things from Korean ice cream bars to vegetable dumplings to tofu to seasonings and condiments. Unlike big Shopwise a few blocks away which is always full (mostly with people enjoying free air-conditioning), the Korean store is never … »

Sticky Szechuan Pork


Last night we feasted. We had dinner with Batjay, Tito Rolly and Apol, and the menu was as carnivorous as a meal could possibly get. Half a duck (served three-way), pata tim, lechon macau, siao long bao, yang chow and a token vegetable dish. You'd think that after all that meat, we'd have had our fill and abstain for the … »

Pork, corn and spinach pot pie


It's an anything goes pot pie because you can use any combination of meat and vegetables (or even vegetables only) for the filling. And for those who aren't too adept at making pie crust, here's an alternative -- use pancake batter. Yes, pancake batter. Just mix, pour over the filling and bake.But pancake batter … »

Pork with spicy lime and peanut butter sauce


I love peanut butter but never between two slices of bread. So, no, I don't eat peanut butter sandwiches. But I cook and bake with peanut butter. For this dish, the peanut butter is in the sauce that coats the pork strips. Seasoned pork is dredged in flour, fried, then tossed in a mixture of melted butter, lime juice, … »

Spaghetti a la stroganoff


The best ground meat for this dish is sausage meat. Buy sausages, peel off the skins, crumble the meat and fry in butter. Or you can create your own sausage meat by seasoning ground meat and letting it marinade in the fridge for a couple of hours. Season with what? The usual salt, pepper and a bit of sugar -- and a good … »

14 great ways to cook ground meat


Ground meat is inexpensive, it is versatile and you can stretch a small amount to feed many just by getting imaginative and creative. Here are some of my favorite ground meat (pork and beef) recipes from the archive. … »