Crispy pork chunks with honey-balsamic sauce


And so we enter the second half of 2014. We're a little closer to December and the weather that I adore and wish we had all year 'round. That's what I try to focus on when I get freaked out by the fickle weather we have these days -- raining one moment and the sun shining like it's still summer the next. I've stopped checking weather forecasts long ago -- who needs … [Read more...]

The chunkiest boiled beef and vegetables soup


The beef was simmered on Friday, cooled in its broth then chilled in the fridge. On Saturday, I made macaroni salad -- one batch with chicken and another batch without for my vegetarian daughter.Sunday at noon, I took the meat out of the fridge, cut the meat into cubes and discarded the bones. The broth was reheated to simmering, vegetables were added and, when they … [Read more...]

Pot roast with strawberry sauce


The sauce traces its origin on an accident that took place in Baguio a few months ago. Speedy and I were browsing the flea market stalls behind Wright Park and there was this sales girl practically pushing jars of strawberry jam at us. The price was good and we took a chance. Huge mistake, it turned out. The jam was so thick it wasn't spreadable. Too much pectin, I … [Read more...]

Slow cooker recipe: Chinese-style braised pork hock


I seriously believe that I am under-using my slow cooker. Blame it on a bad experience the first time I used it. I followed the instructions in the manual that said there is no need to add a lot of liquid because the meat's natural juices are enough. I also paid attention to the part that said adding fat to the meat or using fatty meat is not recommended because fat raises … [Read more...]

Warm sausage and potato salad with honey-mustard dressing


We have a new agreement, Speedy and I. If it rains, I cook lunch and dinner. If it does not, I cook lunch and we can have leftovers or sandwiches for dinner. It's not a permanent arrangement but only until the extreme humidity lets up. In this heat, I just don't feel too inspired to cook and one cooked meal a day is better than sandwiches for both lunch and dinner.It … [Read more...]

Liempo (pork belly) nuggets


There's chicken nuggets, fish nuggets and even vegetarian mock chicken nuggets made with soya. In the case of chicken nuggets, despite consistently appearing in lists of the most unhealthy food items, they remain popular especially among young children. At home, we like to make our own with real chicken fillets instead of the ground discarded chicken parts which commercial … [Read more...]

70 recipes with sausages


I love sausages. Not the kind variety that goes by the label Vienna sausages though. Hotdogs? The good ones, yes, but definitely not the red kind that shrivel and shrink when cooked. I love real sausages -- the highly seasoned, smoky, deep-flavored ones that have been left to hang for a long time.And I don't just cook and eat sausages in their original form. I like to … [Read more...]

Lechon kawali and potatoes with white gravy


Lechon kawali does not really reheat well because the rind does not go back to that crackling-like crispness that it has right after cooking. How to serve it? Don't capitalize on the rind. Capitalize on the fact that you have a very tasty cooked pork that you can mix with just about anything to make a simple braised dish, a cheater's stew or even a soup. In this recipe, … [Read more...]

Boiled beef and vegetables with sweet-salty soy-flavored broth


Ah, the ubiquitous boiled meat and vegetables that is comfort food in so many cultures. Is the simplicity that makes it appealing? Is the memory of growing up with the dish? Whatever the reason, we love it. I've cooked it in so many ways -- plain, with bone marrow (yes, bulalo!), Irish style, South American style, with cream of chicken -- and they're all good.But have … [Read more...]

Crisp fried pulled pork (a.k.a. leftover lechon)


This time of the year brings back memories. When I was a very young lawyer, I worked in an office where Christmas parties were always delicious affairs. The damper was that there were two old ladies, oldtimers in the office, who filled their Tupperware containers to the brim with party food even before the party began.The boss and the other lawyers knew what was going … [Read more...]