Tofu and bangus (milkfish) belly fillets with teriyaki sauce

Too many sandwiches on too many days and I was craving for a simple stir fry that explodes with Asian flavors. So on our last trip to the grocery, I bought a couple of blocks of tofu and promised myself I'd satisfy the craving. I started to with this dish -- tofu and bangus ... (more)


A la kedgeree: a rice dish with flaked fish, hard-boiled eggs and curry

A low-fat, tasty and aromatic dish that's a complete meal. There seems to be some controversy as to its origin. One school of thought says kedgeree originated in India and was brought back to England by returning Brits. The other school of thought says that the recipe for a ... (more)


Baked talakitok (trevally), mango and tomato salad, and turmeric-coconut rice

The fish was supposed to be our lunch yesterday but it didn't thaw early enough. In fact, it thawed in time for dinner. So, it became dinner. It was a rather large fish -- a 1.4 kilogram talakitok (trevally) that wouldn't fit in the steamer so I decided to bake it. Now, ... (more)


Beer-battered fish and chips

Speedy cooked this delicious dish of fish and chips. The batter used for coating the fish was made with flour, salt, pepper, stout beer and yeast. No eggs, no bread crumbs. Amazing just how light and crisp the coating was. Not bread-like at all. And not thick that it absorbs ... (more)