Tuna and tofu spring rolls


There is so much that needs to be said about these tuna and tofu spring rolls recipe. First, it is possible to generously feed four people using a 180-gram can of tuna. Second, tofu is a great extender. Third, San Marino tuna fillet in water is not so … [Read more...]

Fish fillets with creamy spinach sauce


Another Popeye dish. But tasty and pretty enough to make even non-spinach lovers want to give it a try. First, the fish fillets are lightly browned in butter. In the remaining butter and browned bits sticking in the pan, onion and garlic are sauteed then … [Read more...]

Broiled cheese-topped salmon with pomodoro sauce


Speedy isn't a huge fan of salmon. In our family, it's Alex and I who adore salmon, cooked or uncooked. Since Speedy was out for the day, I made a special lunch for one. Think parmigiana but without the frying part. And salmon fillet in lieu of meat. … [Read more...]

Easy pan-fried scallops and bacon


He did it again. Speedy, I mean. I was thawing scallops for lunch and, at the same time, I was making an apple crumble when the blog went offline, I had to attend to it and the apple crumble burned in the oven. The scallops, however, did not turn into a … [Read more...]

Tuna and potato roll


First of all, let me tell you that I am aware of the technical glitches that this blog has been experiencing. Something is being done about it, it will take a few days but, after that, the site will load faster and hopefully, with less down times.It … [Read more...]

Clam soup with ginger and chilies


Simple but tasty. Very low fat. This soup uses spices that are associated with Southeast Asian and South Asian cuisines but I can't say that it belongs exclusively to any country's cuisine. So I label it as simply "Asian." Because it is. Yet, it is global … [Read more...]

Beer-battered fish and chips


Speedy cooked this delicious dish of fish and chips. The batter used for coating the fish was made with flour, salt, pepper, stout beer and yeast. No eggs, no bread crumbs. Amazing just how light and crisp the coating was. Not bread-like at all. And not … [Read more...]