Adobong Palos (Eel)


The traditional adobo eel (called palos by the Filipinos) is given a new look and variety when served with the leaves and tender stalks of kangkong (water spinach) and hard-boiled eggs.When we discard skins or hard stalks of vegetables, like "discard the hard stalks" of the kangkong, or "discard the hard core" of the cabbage or the chayote, or "discard the hard stems" … [Read more...]

Steamed Eel (Palos) Topped With Leeks, Mushrooms and Carrots

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Slices of eel, or palos as it is called in the Philippines, topped with slivered leeks, julienned carrots, ginger and sliced caps of black chinese mushrooms, are steamed over a bed of leeks in this Chinese-inspired recipe. Smoking hot sesame seed oil is poured over the cooked dish as a final garnish.This is a simplified version of a recipe I learned from my father. His … [Read more...]

Grilled stuffed squids


Succulent tender squid stuffed with chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic, pimientoes and squid heads, then grilled to perfection.To make sure that the squid remains tender and juicy, do not overcook them.If you are cooking for just a few people and you feel that grilling the squid over live coals is too much bother, you can cook your stuffed squid in a skillet. To … [Read more...]

Anchovies omelet

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There are hundreds of ways of cooking eggs. Try this one. It's good for breakfast, lunch or supper.Anchovies are very salty. And very tasty. They are also quite expensive. In the Philippines, they are commonly used as a pizza topping and in pasta dishes.When cooking with anchovies, remember that its salt will be absorbed by the other ingredients it is mixed with. So, … [Read more...]

Grilled bangus (milkfish) with tomato and itlog na maalat (salted egg) salad


Bangus, or milkfish, the Philippines' national fish, has a flavor distinctly its own. It can be the main ingredient in a soup like sinigang or in a saucy dish like sarciado. On its own, it can be fried, grilled or deboned and made into relleno. Grilled bangus is a common meal in the Filipino home. This version adds a little extra something to perk up the aroma of the … [Read more...]

Guinataang dalag (mudfish)


Dalag (mudfish) and vegetables cooked with gata, the freshly squeezed cream from grated coconut, is a dish rich in flavor, color, texture and aroma.When buying dalag, choose one that is still alive. Ask the fish vendor to kill it (gosh, that sounds bad, doesn't it, but what other term is there... execute?) and take out the gills and intestines. I made the mistake once … [Read more...]

Steamed mussels, spanish style


Perhaps the most common way of cooking mussels in Filipino cuisine is as a soup with a clear broth (recipe is provided in this journal). Next to this are grilled and baked mussels, the latter usually topped with grated cheese. Steamed mussels, accompanied by a dunking sauce, are also popular. This recipe is a modification of the usual steamed mussels. Instead of serving … [Read more...]

Fish fillet with sweet corn and white sauce

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I used to prepare this recipe using canned corn kernels. Until I realized that Japanese sweet corn was definitely more fresh than canned corn. What's more, I could serve the dish with corn cobs on the side.Japanese sweet corn is the label that appears in the package of raw corn on the cob that you can find in most supermarkets. The kernels are a bright golden yellow. … [Read more...]

Fish and vegetables stir fry

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It was prepared using leftover fish fillet from Maundy Thursday's fried rice and whatever veggies I could find in the fridge.The thing is, odds and ends in the fridge can be whipped up into a great meal. It's really just a matter creating the right combination. Sometimes, it's all in the cut--the sizes and shapes of the ingredients. Sometimes, it's in the color … [Read more...]