Fish Chayote Soup


Although Tinolang Isda is not as popular as Tinolang Manok, it is a common dish we prepare at home.And I thought that there had to be something to make it a little bit different. In cooking tinola, the first step is to saute garlic, ginger … »

Bangus fritters


Bangus (milkfish) is just so delicious that I can cook it in so many ways. Served as an appetizer, bangus fritters is a sure fire way to impress dinner guests. Or serve them as an entree; they're just as good.How did I come up with this … »

Spicy Steamed Fish

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Delicious steamed whole fish seasoned with a mixture of soy sauce, oyster sauce, chili garlic sauce and sugar, and topped with leeks and carrots.Any firm and fleshy fish will be good for this recipe. I used maya-maya. Lapu-lapu, labahita, apahap or … »

Adobong Palos (Eel)


The traditional adobo eel (called palos by the Filipinos) is given a new look and variety when served with the leaves and tender stalks of kangkong (water spinach) and hard-boiled eggs.When we discard skins or hard stalks of vegetables, like … »

Grilled stuffed squids


Succulent tender squid stuffed with chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic, pimientoes and squid heads, then grilled to perfection.To make sure that the squid remains tender and juicy, do not overcook them.If you are cooking for just a few … »

Anchovies omelet

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There are hundreds of ways of cooking eggs. Try this one. It's good for breakfast, lunch or supper.Anchovies are very salty. And very tasty. They are also quite expensive. In the Philippines, they are commonly used as a pizza topping and in pasta … »

Guinataang dalag (mudfish)


Dalag (mudfish) and vegetables cooked with gata, the freshly squeezed cream from grated coconut, is a dish rich in flavor, color, texture and aroma.When buying dalag, choose one that is still alive. Ask the fish vendor to kill it (gosh, that … »