Oysters with adobo sauce


Salmon may be my favorite fish but the oyster is my favorite seafood. Too bad that there are very few variations on how oysters are served in the Philippines (at least, very few that I'm aware of). Although the ultimate experience is prying open the … »

Yellow rice with fresh mussels and mixed vegetables


So what do you do when your daughter calls up and says she's bringing home three friends and "can we have dinner at the house?" You say, "yes, of course" and, after switching off the phone, you panic -- out of your daughter's earshot. You panic -- … »

Stir fried mussels and shiitake mushrooms with oyster sauce


There's more to mussels than making a soup or baking them on the half shell to make delicious finger food. Mussels are so versatile that you can turn them into just about anything, including pasta dishes (see the list after the recipe), omelets and … »

Budget cooking: sweet and sour pla-pla


At the market yesterday morning, I was shocked at the prices of fish. Whole talakitok (trevally) at three hundred pesos per kilo, maya-maya steaks (red snapper) at two hundred and seventy and tanigue (Spanish mackerel?) steaks at a jaw-dropping three … »

Fish fingers with honey-mustard sauce


It's really fish tempura but since I didn't serve it with the traditional tentsuyu dipping sauce, I'd rather not call it a tempura dish. But the principle and procedure are the same -- lightly seasoned fish dipped in batter then deep fried. Except … »

Bangus (milkfish) fritters with yogurt and honey dipping sauce


A new version of an old favorite -- flaked bangus (milkfish) mixed with vegetables and seasonings, formed into logs then fried until golden and crisp. I posted my first bangus fritters recipe on May 21, 2003, you can compare the two and decide which … »

Pressure-cooked baby bangus (milkfish) a la tinola


Today is about bangus (milkfish), the national fish of the Philippines. Not because I'm feeling nationalistic but because I was lucky enough to find baby bangus in the market. Been searching for them for a long time because I miss making … »

Pressure-cooked sweet and sour bisugo (Threadfin bream)


The traditional way of cooking sweet and sour fish is to use large fish, dredge it in starch, deep fry it until crisp, then pour the sweet and sour sauce over it. This version of sweet and sour fish has no frying involved. Small bisugo (Threadfin … »

Microwave recipe: cheese-topped baked egg and sardines


It's 1.00 a.m. on Sunday morning as I start writing this post. We're still up, Sam and Speedy are watching cartoons, Alex is taking a shower and I am here near the oven where I can watch the tray that will yield what I will call dulce de leche … »

Salmon and vegetables pot pie


I love pot pies. I love the surprise hidden underneath the golden crust, I love the steam that hits your face as you break through the crust, I love the contrast between the flaky crust and the creamy filling. In fact, I love savory pies more than … »