Fish soup with tamarind leaves and lime


Part of an experiment to live on greens that our garden produces, this fish soup with tamarind leaves and lime is reminiscent of sinigang but milder in acidity. More like sinampalukan but more aromatic because of the limes.This is a dish for two so I used only one fish that weighed about 600 grams. A whole fish with the head and the bones, naturally, because this is a … [Read more...]

Bacon-stuffed baked bitilya (seabream)


Speedy saw something like this on TV and I didn't even bother asking on which show Had to strike out that first sentence -- Speedy didn't see something similar on TV; he imagined the dish then described it to me -- stuff a whole fish with bacon, tomatoes and basil, wrap in foil and bake -- and I said yes... yes, we'll do it. Who wouldn't say yes? Bacon stuffed fish? I … [Read more...]

Fish with soy-honey sauce


Speedy likes his fish fried. Fried and crisp. I'm not a fan of frying (I hate the oil splatter) but I discovered than by shallow-frying instead of deep frying, the fish forms a crisp crust and it is quite okay to cover the pan without fear of steam build-up that can make the fish soggy. Why that is so, I have no idea. Too much science for my not-too-scientific brain. Maybe … [Read more...]

Fried talakitok (trevally) with 1-minute sweet and sour sauce


Under normal circumstances, I'd make sweet and sour sauce the usual way -- by making a syrup. No starch. But when I'm in a hurry, I take short cuts. Still no starch. Oh, yes, it is possible to make great tasting sweet and sour sauce in one minute. And I don't mean lumpy store-bought stuff. I mean syrupy and spicy and absolutely delicious.How? Well, it helps to have … [Read more...]

Pan-grilled salmon fillet with lemon-butter-garlic sauce


Much as I love tilapia and bangus (milkfish), nothing compares with my unbridled devotion for salmon. Nothing even comes close. I eat salmon raw (sashimi), smoked, grilled, poached, broiled, boiled... I eat salmon fillets and steaks, the belly, the head... There just isn't any part of this fish that I don't like.Yes, salmon is expensive. That's why it isn't something … [Read more...]

Crisp-fried scad with spinach and coconut milk sauce


We had four whole fish, not really large, each about six inches from head to tail. Speedy and I finished all four because the sauce was so rich and creamy and tasty, and it completely elevated the status of the humble fried fish.What's the sauce? Sauteed aromatics, spinach puree and coconut milk paste, and fish broth.I used matangbaka (big-eyed scad / purse-eyed … [Read more...]

Oysters with adobo sauce


Salmon may be my favorite fish but the oyster is my favorite seafood. Too bad that there are very few variations on how oysters are served in the Philippines (at least, very few that I'm aware of). Although the ultimate experience is prying open the shells of barely blanched oysters and eating the soft, slippery and slightly slimy briny morsels right off the half shell, … [Read more...]

Yellow rice with fresh mussels and mixed vegetables


So what do you do when your daughter calls up and says she's bringing home three friends and "can we have dinner at the house?" You say, "yes, of course" and, after switching off the phone, you panic -- out of your daughter's earshot. You panic -- gracefully. After the moment of panic passes, you relax. You take a deep breath and you relax. Me? Speedy and I watched Jack … [Read more...]

Stir fried mussels and shiitake mushrooms with oyster sauce


There's more to mussels than making a soup or baking them on the half shell to make delicious finger food. Mussels are so versatile that you can turn them into just about anything, including pasta dishes (see the list after the recipe), omelets and stir fries.This stir fried dish combines mussels with shiitake mushrooms to make a hearty low-fat main dish. The mussels … [Read more...]