Lasang Pinoy 7 : Potato omelet

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Because I feel so bad about not having been able to submit an entry for Lasang Pinoy 6, the pulutan edition, I am posting my entry for Lasang Pinoy 7: Gising na! ALMUSAL! (Wake up! Breakfast time!) a full 16 days before the deadline. It goes without saying that I don't ever want to miss another Lasang Pinoy event again.Cooking potato omelet, or itlog na may patatas … [Read more...]

Tuna and tofu stir fry

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I had a small piece of tuna belly, a cake of firm tofu and some vegetables. I also had two choices. Stir fry everything without adding any sauce and, after they have been transferred on a serving platter, pour over them a sauce similar to tempura sauce. Or, I could stir fry them the usual way, adding an oyster-based sauce thickened with a little tapioca starch. I ended up … [Read more...]

Ham and cheese omelet

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My husband took the kids to school this morning for their twice weekly reporting to the Kumon Center. They were in such a rush that no one had a proper breakfast. Since they would only be there for about an hour, I used that hour to make some ham and cheese omelets. I cooked two and they were ready by the time my family got back.My 13-year-old exclaimed, "Ham na naman … [Read more...]

Cheese omelet

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It's such a luxury to be able to get up at 9.00 a.m., have a leisurely cup of coffee or two before it's time to make breakfast. It's Saturday and after a gruelling week and a late Friday night at the movies, we just wanted to relax. Unrushed, I was able to prepare a full breakfast of cheese omelet, cold cuts and (more) slices of quickmelt cheese served with mango juice and … [Read more...]

Baked tortang talong


Last Saturday, my husband bought a huge bag of talong (eggplants) and, with the ground pork in the freezer, I immediately thought of making some tortang talong (eggplant fritatta). But I was recovering from the flu and the thought of frying the torta one by one made my dizzy. I baked them instead. Turned out to be a much better alternative. Less work, no watching while the … [Read more...]

Vegetable noodles, chicken and quail eggs

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The multi-colored and multi-flavored vegetable noodles are a product of China. The good news is that they're really pretty--pretty enough to turn an old boring dish into something new and exciting. The better news is that they're good for making oriental noodle dishes as well as Italian pasta dishes. The best news is that they are inexpensive--PhP 45.00 for a 500-gram … [Read more...]

Meatless tortang talong


Tortang talong is eggplant omelet or frittata. Meatless tortang talong can be served as a side dish or even as a main dish. If you prefer the meaty version, try the version with ground pork or the more exotic one with diced pig's brain. I served this meatless tortang talong as a side dish to pork adobo.To make tortang talong, the talong (eggplants) must be pre-cooked. … [Read more...]

Pork and Chicken Liver Chop Suey

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Chop suey is just another stir-fried vegetable dish. But say stir-fried vegetables and most Filipinos won't understand what the heck you're referring to. Say chop suey, however, and you're talking on the same wavelength. This pork and chicken liver chop suey was the vegetable dish I served at my 12-year-old's birthday dinner last Saturday. A variation of my original chop … [Read more...]

Tortang Talong


This is the classic tortang talong recipe. But look out for the tip at the end of the post. If you like this recipe and would like to be even more adventurous, try my tortang utak ng baboy (pig's brain frittata). No, it's not one for the Fear Factor. There's nothing disgusting about the way it looks or smells. Just great food.Ingredients :250 g. of ground lean … [Read more...]

Chop Suey

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A classic Chinese dish that has been adopted by Filipino cuisine, chop suey is a stir fried vegetable dish cooked with meat, carrots, snow peas, baby corn and quail eggs.Other vegetables that may be included in chop suey are cauliflower, celery, cabbage, bamboo shoots, broccoli and mushrooms.The pork may be substituted with diced chicken meat.For a vegetarian … [Read more...]