Rolled bacon and cream cheese omelet


One night earlier this week, way after midnight, my brain cells still too hyped up after viewing some gorgeous architectural designs, I was scanning the channels for anything that was boring enough to dull my senses and extinguish my brain activities for the night. Instead, I landed on the Surreal Gourmet show, got glued, … »

Congee is rice porridge is arroz caldo


Last Thursday, Speedy and I were at the market. There was one stall selling premature chicken eggs (if we had left the house earlier, there would have been more stalls selling them but these things sell like hot cakes and I was lucky to still find some in that one stall) and I grabbed half a kilo. Not half a kilo of eggs … »

Bread cups and scrambled eggs


Few days' old bread and scrap meat became this fabulous brunch. We spent the long weekend in Tagaytay, had to bring home a whole loaf of multi-grain bread that we were unable to consume and I was thinking what to do with it yesterday. Fortunately for me, in the house where we stayed, there was a book called Gourmet Weekends … »

Have you ever cooked eggs in coffee?


I have a daughter, Sam, who, except during summer and Christmas breaks, is home only on weekends. She's in college and stays in a rented condo near the university. Her father, Speedy, picks her up every Friday night and drives her back on Sunday evening. One Friday, Speedy went to see a client before picking up Sam. The … »

Asparagus and cheese omelet


With the scorching heat of summer, I often feel that life sucks in a huge way. But when I get up in the morning and there's a delicious brunch waiting on the table and I didn't even have to lift a finger to get it there, life is suddenly wonderful.Speedy cooked this asparagus and cheese omelet this morning. And I … »

Cabbage and quail eggs soup


Quail eggs add an interesting touch to any soup. Even the simplest and plainest-looking soup is perked up with the addition of quail eggs. They are usually added to the Chinese birds' nest soup but quail eggs can go into a lot of other soups, including a simple cabbage soup.This recipe starts by boiling beef bones to … »

Wilted spinach and fried egg


There's this spinach and tofu dish we had at Miyabi a couple of months ago that I've been itching to replicate at home. One time, I had spinach in the fridge but no tofu. Then, I saw a recipe for fried eggs and wilted greens in a blog that focuses on the South Beach diet and I decided to do my spinach dish with eggs instead … »

Egg foo yong or kanitama?


Just like with fried rice, the Chinese make good use of leftover meat, seafood and vegetables by adding them to beaten eggs and making an omelet called egg foo yong. It appears, however, that if the omelet contains crab meat, it is more of a kanitama or Japanese omelet with crab meat.Whatever its name, this is a … »

Eggs Benedict


We chanced upon ready-to-serve English muffins at the supermarket and all I could really think of was eggs benedict. What are Eggs Benedict? It's a bread and egg dish prepared grilling some English muffins, topping them with ham and poached eggs, then smothering with Hollandaise sauce. Who is Benedict? Wikipedia has a … »

Serve your omelet as a cupcake


Perhaps, I ought to declare this week as I Love Eggs! Week. After posting the Thai egg strips recipe, I remembered that I had this old recipe for omelet cooked as cupcakes but published (yes, probably mis-filed) in my other blog (and I'm pretty sure you've never seen it). So, I thought I'd move the recipe over here to make … »