Asparagus and cheese omelet

With the scorching heat of summer, I often feel that life sucks in a huge way. But when I get up in the morning and there's a delicious brunch waiting on the table and I … [Read more...]


Cabbage and quail eggs soup

Quail eggs add an interesting touch to any soup. Even the simplest and plainest-looking soup is perked up with the addition of quail eggs. They are usually added to the … [Read more...]


Wilted spinach and fried egg

There's this spinach and tofu dish we had at Miyabi a couple of months ago that I've been itching to replicate at home. One time, I had spinach in the fridge but no tofu. … [Read more...]


Egg foo yong or kanitama?

Just like with fried rice, the Chinese make good use of leftover meat, seafood and vegetables by adding them to beaten eggs and making an omelet called egg foo yong. It … [Read more...]


Eggs Benedict

We chanced upon ready-to-serve English muffins at the supermarket and all I could really think of was eggs benedict. What are Eggs Benedict? It's a bread and egg dish prepared … [Read more...]


Serve your omelet as a cupcake

Perhaps, I ought to declare this week as I Love Eggs! Week. After posting the Thai egg strips recipe, I remembered that I had this old recipe for omelet cooked as cupcakes but … [Read more...]


Asian omelet

When Speedy cooks, I take photos. Lots of photos. This recipe was adapted from Mr. Breakfast, a website that Speedy discovered while searching for interesting breakfast … [Read more...]


Bacon and bread pudding

Mix torn bread with half-cooked bacon. Add beaten eggs, milk and grated cheddar cheese. Season lightly with salt, sugar and pepper. Top with cubes of cream cheese and butter. … [Read more...]