Roast duck with tortilla wraps

Reposting a recipe originally published on December 20, 2010. I know that some of you are already thinking about Christmas and New Year. And for those who celebrate ... (more)


Chicken and pork swimming in gravy

The beef brisket swimming in gravy, posted on May 26, 2005, was one of the first non-Filipino recipes that became a hit in my food blog. There were no "share this", "pin it" ... (more)


Baked chicken cordon bleu

It was tempting to begin this post with "You all know what chicken cordon bleu is, right...?" But among the things I learned as a blogger is never to presume anything, not ... (more)


A la chicken karaage

Karaage is a class of Japanese dishes made primarily with breaded fried fillets of meat or fish. The fillets are cut into bite-size pieces, marinated in a mixture of soy ... (more)


Chicken and bean stew

I like beans. I even like canned pork and beans -- occasionally. Beans with tomato sauce is uncomplicated and comforting. But there has to be some meat to go with them and I'm ... (more)


Lemongrass chicken and rice

We were in the Taft area twice last week to watch the classical and modern versions of Molier's La Malade Imaginaire, a production of the School of Design and Arts (SDA) of ... (more)


Slow-cooked herbed chicken

Make a dry rub by mixing together herbs, spices and seasonings. Rub on the chicken, inside and out, then cook the chicken in the slow cooker for five and a half hours. The ... (more)


Parmesan-crusted chicken

I'd call it chicken Parmesan but, apparently, the term chicken Parmesan is often used interchangeably with chicken parmigiana (see the pork version). So, since this dish has ... (more)