Pinatisang manok (chicken soup with fermented fish sauce)


This is a classic Filipino dish. It looks and tastes very similar to tinola. Even the basic cooking procedure is the same. The difference of pinatisang manok with tinola is that it does not count wedges of raw papaya among its ingredients. Hence, the broth has none of the flavor that papaya imparts.Pinatisang manok is … »

Chicken and Mango Stir – fry

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This dish is a modified version (I added button mushrooms) of a recipe from Practical Chicken (Parragon, 2002), one of the four cookbooks that my mom-in-law gave me for my birthday. The reason I chose this chicken and mango stir-fry to be the first recipe from the cookbooks that I should try is simple. I have always … »

Chicken and rice


This was last night's dinner. My husband and I were watching some TV while the kids were finishing their school projects. There was this advert for a local Chinese fast food chain introducing more rice toppings in its menu. Knowing from experience that the real thing is far from how it is represented in the advert, I made … »

Drunken chicken

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You will find a recipe for "drunken chicken" in many Chinese cookbooks. But you will not find this recipe for drunken chicken in any cookbook. In fact, you won't find it anywhere. I just invented this recipe. Tonight. Out of sheer desperation. I was planning on having chicken asado when I discovered that we had no star … »

Chicken, potato and soured cream salad


This is a salad made with chunks of boiled chicken breast, potato wedges, corn kernels, cooked ham and parsley tossed with a sour cream dressing, served surrounded by tomato and cucumber rings on a bed of lettuce leaves. Trying to spread my wings in the kitchen, I thought can't we enjoy chicken and potato salad without … »

Braised chicken and fruit and vegetable salad

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When my husband is killing time waiting for a client, he likes browsing in supermarkets. He knows the prices and the new brands. But he can't estimate the quantity needed for a meal. He called me up the other night to say he was buying some vegetables for a salad. Yeah, he bought everything. Except that the proportions were … »

Roast whole chicken


Two whole chickens each weighing 1.2 kilograms were marinated for two days before roasting. I rubbed their skins and cavities with spices, poured a few tablespoonfuls of marinade into the cavities before placing them in plastic bags and then sealing the bags tightly. I kept them in the coldest part of the fridge for two … »

Chicken salad sandwich and cheese sticks


In the Philippines, a rice-less meal is a light meal. So,... we decided to go light last night. Sandwiches and cheese sticks were all I really planned. The kids were excited and wanted to help out in making the cheese sticks. But their dad wanted turon for dessert too. By the time cooking was done, there was so much food on … »

Adobong balon – balonan (gizzard) at kangkong (water spinach)


I don't know why kangkong (water spinach) is so good with adobo; it just is. I've tried it with eel, pork and now with balon-balonan ng manok (chicken gizzards).What exactly is balon-balonan or gizzard? Hyperdictionary, citing Webster, defines it as "the second, or true, muscular stomach of birds, in which the food is … »

Stir – fried chicken, mushrooms and peas

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When I first learned to stir-fry the Chinese way, I always added a little sauce thickened with cornstarch or tapioca starch. That was the way Stephen Yan did it in his Wok with Yan. It was from that 1980s TV show that I learned about stir-frying.Stir-fried Chinese style dishes are meant to be consumed right after cooking. … »