Fried Chicken Recipes

Chili-honey fried chicken


Yesterday, just before midnight, I started craving. I wanted fried chicken. Speedy had already turned off the TV in the room so I knew he was in NREM stage 1 -- that state of sleep where the person still hovers between sleep and wakefulness. If I was going to get fried chicken, I had to get him up before NREM stage 2 where it's harder to wake a person up.So, I nudged … [Read more...]

Herbed fried chicken with creamy spicy sauce


The chicken is flavored with herbs; the creamy sauce is made with more herbs. The ingredients are very basic — most are staples in any modern pantry. You can use other herbs if you like — no harm in going with your personal preference.If your family likes sauces — as in likes them enough to spoon them rather than merely dip the chicken in them — I suggest allotting … [Read more...]

2-milk fried chicken: moist, tender, delicious


Most Southern-style fried chicken recipes call for dipping the chicken in buttermilk then dredging in seasoned flour before it goes into the hot oil. The buttermilk is supposed to make it moist. I wondered what would happen if I soaked the chicken in milk overnight... Would it be more moist than it would be if it were merely dipped in buttermilk? The answer was a … [Read more...]

A la chicken karaage


Karaage is a class of Japanese dishes made primarily with breaded fried fillets of meat or fish. The fillets are cut into bite-size pieces, marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, citrus juice, rice wine and ginger, dredged in flour then fried.This chicken dish was cooked in exactly that manner and I'd post the recipe in Feast Asia except that the condiments I used to … [Read more...]

A la chicken schnitzel or milanesa (fried breaded escalopes)


An escalope is a piece of boneless meat made uniformly thin by pounding with a mallet. A schnitzel is a popular Austrian dish made with escalopes that are coated with bread crumbs then fried until golden and crisp. Milanesa is the South American (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico) name for practically the same dish. There are many other names by which it is … [Read more...]

Chicken lollipops, Asian style


Just like any fried chicken dish, there are countless marinades that you can use to cook and garnish your chicken lollipops. Coat with cornmeal for a Southern-style fried chicken appetizer. Or marinate in Asian sauces and spices for a truly tantalizing experience. And, for incomparable texture, sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds just before serving.But it really all … [Read more...]

Chicken with sweet chili sauce


Yesterday, I cooked a stir fried vegetable dish with mung bean sprouts, spinach, mushrooms and tofu. If you've cooked with mung bean sprouts and spinach before, you'd know how much water they expel during cooking. Had I allowed the stir fried dish to soak in all that liquid after cooking, the steam from the hot broth would have turned the vegetables soggy within minutes. … [Read more...]

Fried chicken, Asian style


Some people like their fried chicken without breading; others prefer to enjoy it with a coating of flour, bread crumbs, corn meal or even crushed corn flakes, Southern style. "Southern", of course, refers to the Southern states of the United States where chicken is traditionally seasoned, dipped in buttermilk then dredged in the coating mixture before deep … [Read more...]

Fried chicken lollipops, Southern style


When I posted a recipe for Southern fried chicken in November last year, there was a suggestion in the comment thread to dip the chicken in milk before the final coating. In the entry itself, I pointed to some links to the various ways of cooking Southern fried chicken, including one that requires precooking the chicken in buttermilk before frying. My curiosity finally got … [Read more...]

Buffalo chicken wings


There are quite a few versions about how the dish originated. Personally, I never heard of buffalo chicken wings until there was Don Henrico's.Deep-fried or grilled, buffalo chicken wings are spicy -- coated with a hot sauce. Some purists claim that real buffalo chicken wings are never breaded. I don't care what they say -- the breading catches more sauce and makes the … [Read more...]