Chicken Recipes

Baked chicken, roast chicken, grilled chicken, fried chicken, chicken stews, chicken stir fries -- they're all in this section.

Stir-fried chicken with green peas and cashew nuts

We don’t go to Kowloon House very often anymore — in fact, I can’t even remember the last time we ate there. As Sam and Alex grew older, they discovered that they preferred Japanese food over Chinese food and on the occasions that they craved Chinese food, we often went to Causeway Seafood Restaurant and President Grand Palace in Chinatown which have become for them what Kowloon House and San Jacinto in Chinatown were for me as a child.

This stir-fried chicken with green peas and cashew nuts recipe is in remembrance of those by-gone times, my childhood and my children’s, and those lovely meals we had at Kowloon House.

As with any stir fried dish, this chicken with green peas and cashew nuts should be cooked in a short time over very high heat. Remember to cut the chicken into thin slices so that they get cooked through in a matter of minutes. For more details about stir-frying, see the post on stir frying basicsContinue reading »

Chili chicken and fresh pineapple


Vegetarian Sam likes to have lots of fruits when she's home on weekends. Speedy bought a whole pineapple last Saturday but Sam was not able to come home. The pineapple won't stay fresh until the next weekend so Speedy finally skinned it.As he did … »

Roast duck with orange-lime-honey glaze


Yesterday, December 12, was our 22nd wedding anniversary. The plan was to spend the day in Chinatown just eating, walking, eating, food shopping… Visiting those quaint stores that sell ingredients that make Chinese food smell and taste really … »

Honey roast chicken


Sam didn't come home for the weekend so I let Alex exercise first prerogative over what food we would cook. She wanted apple pie, we baked apple pie. She peeled the apples and made rosettes with the apple skin. She always does that.It was already … »

Chili chicken. Late breakfast.


I'm not really a breakfast person but working all night last night was terrifically stressful and, by the time the sun rose, I could literally hear my stomach grumbling. We were out of bread, I'd bake but it takes several hours for bread dough to … »

Thai-style lime and coconut chicken


Adapted from the very popular Thai chicken and coconut cream soup (tom kha gai, gai dom kha or tom khaa kai), this dish is a stew rather than a soup. I was inspired to make it after I posted photos of our very bountiful lime tree and a niece, Ceia, … »

Skillet chicken with lime, orange and herbs


Last June, I cooked a baked chicken dish that pleased a lot of people. The chicken was flavored with lemon and orange, it's a one pan dish that bakes in the oven so there's no stirring required. But there were a couple of readers who PM'd (via the … »