Green tea with fresh tarragon and lemon


Add a new depth to your usual cup of green tea by infusing it with fresh herbs and fruits. No, not by using flavored tea in teabags -- don't you taste the paper? If you watch NCIS: Los Angeles, there was an episode when G. was making a cup of tea for himself and Hetty smirked when she saw the teabag. And she asked, "Don't you taste the paper?"Personally, I don't but it's … [Read more...]

Tea, herbal tea, infusion and tisane


Many Filipinos tend to look at tea as an instant drink largely because the tea we know comes from the West, the kind packaged in convenient tea bags. But did you know that the first tea bag was not made to be dropped into a cup of hot water? Story has it that tea bags were invented by a New York merchant as a way to give tea samples. And that's just one of the many stories … [Read more...]

Homemade flavored iced tea


If I can't stop complaining about the heat this summer, it's because there's still too much to complain about. Often, I feel I'm going to wither -- literally. There seems to be no respite even at midnight.Naturally, we've been consuming a lot of cold drinks. Ice trays in the freezer aren't enough anymore. My husband buys tube ice by the bag almost everyday. We have an … [Read more...]

Honey – lemon drink


Live interaction with readers is one thing that a column writer does not enjoy. Lucky me, I was a blogger before I was a newspaper columnist so I know the value of real feedbacks--minus, of course, the kind of muck that seems to be the staple of political blogs. I do get my share in The Sassy Lawyer's Journal.The interaction in this blog, in particular, has been a … [Read more...]