Watermelon Smoothie


When I first posted a recipe for watermelon smoothie, I used a regular watermelon and the recipe included instructions on scraping off the seeds. That was in 2004 and you can see that old recipe on page two.Seedless watermelons started making an … »

Honeydew and mint cooler


Inspired by a drink concocted by Bob Blumer in his Surreal Gourmet show, Speedy substituted lemon for lime as lime is not always easy to find in supermarkets (our lime tree is fruitless these days).This drink is definitely low-fat and low-sugar … »

Mango lassi


Lassi is a popular drink in many South Asian countries. It is made with yogurt, milk and spices. The sweet version, often served cold, has fruits added. Mango lassi is the most well known among the many varieties of sweet lassi and it is very popular … »

Mango-banana milkshake


I'm not a huge fan of bananas. I'm a mango and melon girl. Alex often makes banana milkshake, works perfectly for her because she adores bananas, but unless she adds chocolate, it doesn't really give me an adrenalin rush. Well, until one day last … »

Summer coolers


[Originally published in Manila Standard Today on April 8, 2009]It was cool and cloudy for a few days last week and I was fervently hoping that it would stay that way for the rest of the summer. But, alas! Some good things never last. Sunday was … »

Corn slushie


It may look like a margarita but it isn't. Think maiz con hielo that can be drank from a glass. Technically, it's a smoothie. But smoothies are made with fruits, and corn isn't a fruit, so I couldn't call it a corn smoothie. It isn't a sorbet nor a … »

Mango and melon (cantaloupe) fruit shake


I love melon (cantaloupe) and I love fruit shakes. Not necessarily for breakfast, and not only during the hot summer months when ice-cold fruit shakes seem nothing less than heaven-sent, but just about any time I feel like it. But melon fruit shake … »

Green mango juice


Been craving for green mango juice. If there's anything attractive about Philippine summers, it's the abundance of mangoes--ripe and unripe.Mangoes that are just starting to ripen are best for making green mango juice. The skin is usually still … »

Cucumber cooler


I first tried cucumber juice at Alfredo's Steak House along Tomas Morato in Quezon City. My friend Lisa, whose family owns the place, recommended it. At first, I was a bit hesitant. Cucumber juice? I mean, I've tried carrot juice and hated it. … »

Alex’s mango shake


My younger daughter, Alex, stayed home from school yesterday. Bad cold. By noon, she was bored. She started pestering me about making some mango shake. I told her later in the afternoon. Two hours later, she couldn't wait anymore. She made the mango … »