Mango-banana milkshake

I'm not a huge fan of bananas. I'm a mango and melon girl. Alex often makes banana milkshake, works perfectly for her because she adores bananas, but unless she adds ... (more)


Summer coolers

[Originally published in Manila Standard Today on April 8, 2009] It was cool and cloudy for a few days last week and I was fervently hoping that it would stay that way for ... (more)


Corn slushie

It may look like a margarita but it isn't. Think maiz con hielo that can be drank from a glass. Technically, it's a smoothie. But smoothies are made with fruits, and corn ... (more)


Green mango juice

Been craving for green mango juice. If there's anything attractive about Philippine summers, it's the abundance of mangoes--ripe and unripe. Mangoes that are just starting to ... (more)


Cucumber cooler

I first tried cucumber juice at Alfredo's Steak House along Tomas Morato in Quezon City. My friend Lisa, whose family owns the place, recommended it. At first, I was a bit ... (more)


Alex’s mango shake

My younger daughter, Alex, stayed home from school yesterday. Bad cold. By noon, she was bored. She started pestering me about making some mango shake. I told her later in ... (more)


Easy strawberry milkshake

My daughters' contribution to the Christmas day chow. They can do this with their eyes closed. :) My 11-year-old trimmed the strawberries while my 13-year-old was ... (more)