Vietnamese iced coffee (ca phe sua da, cafe sua da)


Coffee fiend that I am, the first time I saw this concoction in an episode of Bobby Chinn's TV show on the Travel & Living Channel, I knew I was going to try it at home. It's iced coffee, Vietnamese style -- very strong brewed coffee (think espresso) mixed with sweetened condensed milk and stirred with ice.You'd be … »

Mango-banana milkshake


I'm not a huge fan of bananas. I'm a mango and melon girl. Alex often makes banana milkshake, works perfectly for her because she adores bananas, but unless she adds chocolate, it doesn't really give me an adrenalin rush. Well, until one day last week.We had a few cups of mango puree in the fridge left over from the … »

Summer coolers


[Originally published in Manila Standard Today on April 8, 2009]It was cool and cloudy for a few days last week and I was fervently hoping that it would stay that way for the rest of the summer. But, alas! Some good things never last. Sunday was humid as humid could be and all I could think of was ice cold drinks. No, not … »

Silom sunrise


Imagine Tequila Sunrise without orange juice but with pureed sweet ripe mangoes instead. The resulting mixed drink is thicker, richer, sweeter and, quite frankly, mesmerizing. If you like sweet and fruity mixed cocktails, you'll enjoy Silom sunrise. I found the recipe in a Thai cookbook and wondered why it was called Silom … »

Corn slushie


It may look like a margarita but it isn't. Think maiz con hielo that can be drank from a glass. Technically, it's a smoothie. But smoothies are made with fruits, and corn isn't a fruit, so I couldn't call it a corn smoothie. It isn't a sorbet nor a granita either because it is drank rather than eaten with a spoon. Ergo, I … »

Chocolate mint coffee


If there is one noche buena tradition in my husband's family that I never really got the hang of, it's drinking chocolate. If the noche buena meal consisted of bibingka and puto bumbong only, then an accompanying chocolate drink would be marvelous. But when the dishes in the meal are quite heavy -- ham, chicken, fruit salad … »

Mango and melon (cantaloupe) fruit shake


I love melon (cantaloupe) and I love fruit shakes. Not necessarily for breakfast, and not only during the hot summer months when ice-cold fruit shakes seem nothing less than heaven-sent, but just about any time I feel like it. But melon fruit shake can be monotonously sweet. I usually pour in a teaspoonful of kalamansi … »

Homemade flavored iced tea


If I can't stop complaining about the heat this summer, it's because there's still too much to complain about. Often, I feel I'm going to wither -- literally. There seems to be no respite even at midnight.Naturally, we've been consuming a lot of cold drinks. Ice trays in the freezer aren't enough anymore. My husband buys … »

Honey – lemon drink


Live interaction with readers is one thing that a column writer does not enjoy. Lucky me, I was a blogger before I was a newspaper columnist so I know the value of real feedbacks--minus, of course, the kind of muck that seems to be the staple of political blogs. I do get my share in The Sassy Lawyer's Journal.The … »

Green mango juice


Been craving for green mango juice. If there's anything attractive about Philippine summers, it's the abundance of mangoes--ripe and unripe.Mangoes that are just starting to ripen are best for making green mango juice. The skin is usually still green but the meat--or pulp--is starting to turn yellow. The very green unripe … »