Chocolate mint coffee

If there is one noche buena tradition in my husband's family that I never really got the hang of, it's drinking chocolate. If the noche buena meal consisted of bibingka and … [Read more...]


Homemade flavored iced tea

If I can't stop complaining about the heat this summer, it's because there's still too much to complain about. Often, I feel I'm going to wither -- literally. There seems to … [Read more...]


Honey – lemon drink

Live interaction with readers is one thing that a column writer does not enjoy. Lucky me, I was a blogger before I was a newspaper columnist so I know the value of real … [Read more...]


Green mango juice

Been craving for green mango juice. If there's anything attractive about Philippine summers, it's the abundance of mangoes--ripe and unripe.Mangoes that are just starting to … [Read more...]


Cucumber cooler

I first tried cucumber juice at Alfredo's Steak House along Tomas Morato in Quezon City. My friend Lisa, whose family owns the place, recommended it. At first, I was a bit … [Read more...]


Alex’s mango shake

My younger daughter, Alex, stayed home from school yesterday. Bad cold. By noon, she was bored. She started pestering me about making some mango shake. I told her later in … [Read more...]


Alex’s choco loco

This sinful creation isn't my doing. My daughter (she'll be 12 in less than two weeks' time) did this. That's why I call it Alex's choco loco. It's Swiss Miss and whipped … [Read more...]


Easy strawberry milkshake

My daughters' contribution to the Christmas day chow. They can do this with their eyes closed. :)My 11-year-old trimmed the strawberries while my 13-year-old was … [Read more...]