Coffee & Coffee Cocktails Recipes

We like the plain brew just as much as the fancy ones like Irish coffee, Mexican coffee and Cajun coffee. We also like to mix our coffee with alcohol, chocolate, ice cream and a whole lot of other things.

Chocolate and coffee cocktail. Hot and spicy. Served with ice.

Four of my favorite things in the world come together in this hot and cold cocktail drink. Yes, hot and cold. Just read on and you’ll find out why. And what are the four favorite things? Chocolate, coffee, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

But that’s not all. This cocktail drink is also a combination of two of my favorite coffee recipes — Mexican coffee and Irish coffee. I thought I’d combine the two in an iced coffee cocktail that gives a surprising kick with the addition of a little cayenne.

In the Philippines, we have tablea tsokolate (literally, chocolate tablet) – two to three-inch tablets of ground roasted cacao beans. They come sweetened or unsweetened. They are sold in some Asian stores globally but if you cannot find them, good quality dark chocolate can be substituted. »

Frozen coffee cubes with Kahlua


Make coffee. Add sugar and cream, if you use them. Pour into ice trays. Freeze. Remove from ice trays, drop into cocktail glasses and top with Kahlua or your choice of coffee liqueur. Heck, it’s good. And it’s such a great drink to serve when entertaining because it’s just like serving drinks with ice … »

Affogato: ice cream drowned in coffee


So, as I was saying in the previous post: If you’re entertaining and you want to impress, serve something no one knows for sure how to pronounce properly and they’ll think you’re the epitome of culinary sophistication. Case in point — affogato. It’s just ice cream drowned in coffee. Literally. You put scoops of … »

Deep and luscious espresso martini


I read an article once, in the New York Times if I remember correctly, about the popularity of coffee cocktails nowadays. And a coffee purist scoffed at the concept of coffee cocktails. He couldn't understand why anyone would want to taint the pure flavor of coffee. And my first reaction was, wow, sounds like coffee Nazi. … »

Nutella coffee


You've probably tried combining coffee with chocolate. You might have tried adding nut-flavored syrup to your coffee. You might even have bought ground coffee mixed with ground nuts. But have you tried combining all three -- coffee, chocolate and nuts -- in one drink?I did. I took a heaping teaspoonful of Nutella, … »

Indulge yourself: have a coffee float


It's a very simple drink to make and yet a lot of people find it intimidating. Coffee float is simply hot coffee topped with a whopping scoop of ice cream. The coffee isn't sweetened and cream is not added because the sweetness and creaminess of the ice cream are meant to take the the place of sugar and cream. And the thing … »

Beat the summer heat with iced coffee!


Summer came so suddenly. One day, there was a cool breeze blowing; the next day, the breeze was gone and, in its place, the humid sweltering feeling that comes with summer. The difference that twenty-four hours can make sometimes.Summer came late too. Until mid-April, the nights were cool enough to dispense with … »

Killer coffee (totally unrelated to slimming)

Killer coffee

Search Google for "killer coffee" and among the top results link to an article about a slimming coffee that contains a carcinogenic ingredient.This is a coffee cocktail, not the slimming coffee that purportedly contains carcinogens. This is a smooth and delicious drink that's guaranteed to warm you up even on the … »

Tablea coffee


My love affair with tsokolate tablea seems to be in full swing. Don't ask me why -- I wasn't even an avid fan until recently. Now, I can't get enough of the chocolate-y goodness. And after having consumed the tube of tablea that a friend gave me, I resolve to go to the Eastwood Mall gourmet market to buy more. I so wanted … »

Cajun coffee


In trying to learn the origin of this recipe, specifically, why mixing molasses with coffee would characterize it as "Cajun", I found out that there is a distinction between Creole and Cajun cooking. From Ochef: In broad terms, Creole cooking is city cooking, based on French traditions, but with influences from Spain, … »