Mint highball: for ginger ale lovers like me


It's interesting that a local government website claims that ginger ale is the same as salabat. It isn't. Salabat is ginger brew and made by simmering fresh ginger root in water. Ginger ale may refer to either dark ginger age, which is really more of a beer because it is made with yeast and goes through a fermentation process, or pale ginger ale which is made with ginger … [Read more...]

Minty Madness, another creamy cocktail drink


Sometimes, I wonder if feline DNA molecules have gotten mixed into mine. See, I love cream. In desserts, with meat, in my coffee... Type "cream" in the search box on top of the page, hit search and you'll see how many recipes in my blog includes cream among the ingredients.Does that make me a cat? I sure hope not although I am an avid cat lover. But even if I weren't, … [Read more...]

Bailey’s plus Kahlua plus vodka equals Mudslide. Well, almost.


I have very fond memories of the mudslide cocktail drink. It was a sweltering November afternoon and my friends and I had just boarded the cruise ship after stuffing ourselves with Thai food on the beach and in a flea market in Phuket. Instead of going straight back to our cabin, my friend Osang and I decided we wanted to refresh ourselves with cold drinks. We went to the … [Read more...]

Layered cocktail drink: Absinthe B-55


A layered cocktail drink has two or more liquors each floating on top of the other. The layering is possible because liquors have different densities. Following the rule of specific gravity, the heaviest liquor sinks at the bottom, the lighter one floats on top of it, and so on and so forth.In the case of Absinthe B-55, the most dense is the coffee liqueur (the dark … [Read more...]

A green cocktail drink called marijuana milkshake


Despite the name, there is no marijuana in this drink. It is green because it contains a green-colored ingredient -- Midori, a Mexican melon-flavored cordial, in the original recipe. Speedy had to substitute though after getting a shock at the price of Midori -- P1,200 a bottle. So, he bought and used Orchid melon liqueur instead. We don't know how much difference that … [Read more...]

Margarita with kalamansi juice and simple syrup


Margarita may refer to an island in the Caribbean, a controversial doctor who dispenses advice on sex and sexuality, or it can be the name of one of my favorite cocktail drinks.Probably the most popular tequila-based cocktail drink, the margarita is a mixture of tequila, Triple Sec and citrus juice. It can be served on the rocks, blended or straight. This is the … [Read more...]

Blue-eyed blonde


Cocktail drinks have such interesting names. I mixed these blue-eyed blondes yesterday while preparing dinner, gave one glass to Speedy and the drink turned out to be so potent that I wondered afterward if I should have used shot glasses instead of tall glasses. But, while drinking it, you'd never know it was so potent. It's what I'd call a sneaky drink -- so sweet and … [Read more...]

Orange, pineapple and rum cocktail


To make cooking an enjoyable experience and make it feel less of a burdensome chore, do something you really like while cooking. For instance, listen to music or even dance to music if you can manage it. In my case, the heat and humidity in the kitchen becomes more bearable when I have a glass of cold drink while I cook. Yesterday, it was a refreshing cocktail made with … [Read more...]

City slicker


The basic recipe says pour 2 oz. of brandy, 1-1/2 oz. of Triple Sec and 1 tbsp. of lemon juice into a shaker half-filled with ice, shake, strain and serve.The photo above was the result. I tasted it, found the drink too sour, so Speedy decided to substitute orange juice for the lemon juice. … [Read more...]

Silom sunrise


Imagine Tequila Sunrise without orange juice but with pureed sweet ripe mangoes instead. The resulting mixed drink is thicker, richer, sweeter and, quite frankly, mesmerizing. If you like sweet and fruity mixed cocktails, you'll enjoy Silom sunrise. I found the recipe in a Thai cookbook and wondered why it was called Silom Sunrise. I am aware that Silom is the name of a … [Read more...]