Celery Julep with Jack Daniels


You might have seen Matt and Ted Lee on Unique Eats. And you might have seen and heard them talk about celery julep, a drink associated with the American South. Speedy was so roused with the unlikely idea of making a cocktail drink with celery juice. I found it a bit odd but, heck, why not? It never hurts to try something … »

Iced tea mojito


You can prepare this drink in two ways -- as a cocktail drink or as a non-alcoholic iced beverage. If course, the non-alcoholic version won’t be a anything similar to a mojito and you can call it anything you like. Like minted iced tea. It’s really very good. But if you feel a little naughty and you want to take that extra … »

New York cocktail


And there it goes again -- the reference to the Super Bowl. This drink from The Slow Roasted Italian, called the New York Cocktail, was “invented” in honor of the New York Giants which I’ve only vaguely heard of.Categorized as a “ladies’ drink” (why, I have no idea), this is a bright-looking and fresh-tasting cocktail … »

Suburban Sunshine


It's amusing to go over the names of cocktail drinks -- many have sexual references, some are fanciful and nostalgic while others are simply romantic. Common denominator? Most cocktail drink names don't give a hint of the ingredients in them.Perhaps, the mystery is part of the allure. Perhaps, the average person doesn't … »

Pineapple margarita


If you're a long time reader, you'd know that my family never prepares a traditional noche buena. We stay away from "traditional" dishes because those retailers with no conscience always jack up the prices even when the supply can outlast the demand. Except once during the last ten years, we've never bought a whole leg of … »

A la dark chocolate martini


Martini is made with vodka. It so happened that when we made this drink, we were out of vodka. Speedy substituted gin so we couldn't really call it dark chocolate martini. Ergo, the insertion of a la. It's a strong drink but would probably taste less strong (though not less potent) if vodka had been used. Despite the really … »

Passion fruit mojito


Yesterday, at the grocery, we were at the juice aisle choosing fruit juices that we could use for mixing cocktail drinks. Speedy got a cranberry juice while I chose passion fruit juice. I think he asked how I would use it, I wasn't really sure but I put the carton in the cart anyway. Later in the afternoon, I would get a … »

Strawberry fizz and a few things about Champagne and sparkling wines


Let's talk about bubbles. More particularly, the bubbles in wine. Some wines are fizzy; others are not. Some people I know simply refer to fizzy wines as Champagne but not all fizzy wines are Champagnes. To start with, wines that have that fizzy characteristic are called sparkling wines. They don't really sparkle, perhaps … »

A Prosecco cocktail with muddled mandarin oranges


My introduction to prosecco is an interesting story. There's this lady lawyer, a famous one, whom I met on Facebook. Although we are both alumnae of the U.P. College of Law, prior to our Facebook introduction, I hadn't met her in person because she graduated years ahead of me. I'm talking about Katrina Legarda, that feisty … »

Strawberry lemonade


When you're sick, and I was for the last four days, you don't indulge in food and drinks that are "not healthy". Not that I was required to go on some special diet. It's more like my appetite and taste buds went on a vacation far away and everything tasted like cardboard. Like, on Saturday evening, I said I wanted pizza, … »