Passion fruit mojito

Yesterday, at the grocery, we were at the juice aisle choosing fruit juices that we could use for mixing cocktail drinks. ... (more)


Strawberry lemonade

When you're sick, and I was for the last four days, you don't indulge in food and drinks that are "not healthy". Not that I ... (more)



Because of the popularity of the Harry Potter books and movies, a lot of products are being named after the characters and ... (more)


A la Singapore Sling

This is a delicious drink -- sweet and smooth and you won't feel it kicking until you've almost finished a glass. It looks ... (more)


Greentini cocktail

The name of this cocktail drink is a play on the martini, a drink made with gin and vermouth. James Bond is probably the most ... (more)


Banana daiquiri

After mixing Ina Garten's version of the most complex drink in the world, Speedy shifted to a cocktail drink that ... (more)


Mango Margarita

It looks like the monsoon season is early this year. La Niña, they say. So, before the time of the mango ends, I want ... (more)


Soothing summer cooler

Been bugging Speedy to mix a cocktail drink for days. He refused saying it was much too hot for alcoholic drinks. Summer came ... (more)


Long Island iced tea

Strange that this drink is called iced tea when there is no tea in it. Some say it is because it tastes similar to iced tea ... (more)