Drinks Recipes

Recipes for hot and cold drinks. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Includes cocktail drinks, hot coffee drinks, coffee cocktails, tea, infusions and fruit-based smoothies.

Cafe dulce de leche macchiato


It rained after lunch and I thought that the rest of the afternoon would be cool and cloudy -- the kind of weather that makes me want to curl up on the couch with my iPad and read one of the oh, so many! books on my Kindle for iPad. Coffee and reading are great partners so I figured I'd make coffee first before plopping down on the couch. I've always wanted to create those … [Read more...]

Green tea with ginger, lemon and mint


Unlike other tea concoctions where everything begins by infusing the tea leaves, this green tea with ginger, lemon and mint starts with a ginger brew. The tea leaves are added after the ginger slices have simmered for 20 minutes so the resulting drink has a bolder flavor and more heat. Lemon, honey and mint are added to create a delicate balance to the heat of the ginger. … [Read more...]

Hibiscus juice, inspired by the Negros Museum Cafe


Our first afternoon in Negros Occidental found us at the Negros Museum. The suffocating heat left us feeling dehydrated, our parched mouths and throats led us to the Museum Cafe (or did our host suggest that we go there? I can't remember...) and we were introduced to a bright crimson drink that we never heard of before -- hibiscus juice.Many of us know hibiscus as … [Read more...]

Ginger and lemongrass fizz


In cocktail drinks lingo, a fizz is a cocktail drink with acidic juice and carbonated water. In layman terms, a fizz is soda water or other effervescent water. So, a drink with soda water, even if it is non-alcoholic, is still a fizz.I say that to pre-empt the know-it-alls that occasionally land on my blog and insist, quite characteristically, that everything be … [Read more...]

Summer heat buster: strawberry lemonade with kaffir lime syrup


It's the time of the year when that unconscionable power monopolizer Meralco will be raking in so much money again. The heat is upon us, air-conditioners are on full blast and, between mid-morning and dinner time, my body craves for ice cold drinks. For this warm afternoon, a bright, fresh and invigorating summer drink made with strawberries, kalamansi juice, kaffir lime … [Read more...]

Mo-tea-to, a refreshing fusion of mojito and lemon-mint tea


When I first came across the mo-tea-to, I told myself, "I must make it." There seemed to be no better time than today.After weeks of cool days and chilly nights, the days are getting warmer and they signal strongly of the impending summer. I must admit that I'll miss the cool Amihan weather and I'll probably pine non-stop until summer is over. But summer has its perks … [Read more...]

Affogato-style Silom Sunrise


Imagine Tequila Sunrise without orange juice but with pureed sweet ripe mangoes instead. The resulting mixed drink is thicker, richer, sweeter and, quite frankly, mesmerizing. That was what I wrote the first time I made the cocktail drink called Silom Sunrise. Friends who have tried it call it addictive.Then, there's the equally addictive affogato. It’s just ice cream … [Read more...]

Holiday cocktails? Try white sangria


The first time I heard about white sangria, I thought of anemia. Sangria is derived from sangre, Spanish for blood, and sangria literally translates to bleeding. Anemia is when the body does not have enough red blood cells and one of the symptoms is having a pale pallor. So, you know, white sangria elicited a picture of anemia in my mind.The drink white sangria is so … [Read more...]

Mango martini. Wow.


Why this drink is labeled a martini is a mystery to me. A martini is a drink made with gin and vermouth but this cocktail drink has neither. The ingredients are fresh mango, Triple Sec, vodka and lime juice. No gin. No vermouth. But whatever. Even if it's a case of mislabeling, it really doesn't matter. It tastes fantastic.Most mango martini recipes do not include … [Read more...]