The Breakfast Club

The accidental granola breakfast


Occasionally, I make granola bars for vegetarian Sam. We've tried different versions, we've cut them into different shapes and we've experimented with different combinations. Most times, I pack the granola bars so Sam could take them to the condo. They're a quick and convenient snack especially since there aren't too many vegetarian places where she stays on weekdays and … [Read more...]

Cream cheese and mango jam breakfast sandwich


It is a sandwich. The fillings are cream cheese frosting and mango jam. But I took a photo of it like this so that anyone looking at it can see what the fillings are exactly. Had I spread the cream cheese frosting and mango jam on a slice of bread and topped it with another slice of bread, it would be a little difficult to appreciate just how gorgeous this breakfast … [Read more...]

Longsilog (Filipino sausage, egg and rice breakfast), repackaged


Not too long ago, I posted a recipe with sausages as an ingredient and it confused a Filipino reader who thought I made a mistake because, according to her, sausages came out of a can and what I used in the recipe looked something like longganisa. I told her, of course, that highly seasoned meat in tube form, with or without casing, is a sausage. Some are short and thin … [Read more...]

Creamed bacon and spinach toast


So many ways to serve toast, so many ways to cook bacon, so many ways to enjoy veggies... Sometimes, we just need to think outside the cooking parameters that we grew up with.This creamed bacon and spinach toast is what would be called an open faced sandwich in some cultures. Knowing the etymology of the word "sandwich", I'm not comfortable labelling it as a sandwich. … [Read more...]

Chili chicken. Late breakfast.


I'm not really a breakfast person but working all night last night was terrifically stressful and, by the time the sun rose, I could literally hear my stomach grumbling. We were out of bread, I'd bake but it takes several hours for bread dough to rise and, by the time the bread is ready for the oven, I might have passed out from sheer exhaustion. Or I might have been too … [Read more...]

Herb-garlic butter breakfast toast


The breakfast I can whip up the fastest is toast. Buttered, of course. I love the smell of toasted bread and I do adore butter. But, sometimes, well... I want something more but without a lot of extra work. The best solution for me is to flavor the butter. Adding grated garlic, salt and pepper does the trick well but adding chopped fresh herbs is an even better idea. … [Read more...]

Fully-loaded breakfast pita


I've baked bread many times, from pan de sal to filled rolls to fancy loaves, but I've never tried making flat breads. It's a frustration, really. We love Indian breads, naan and paratha in particular, but the kneading technique is different, and I'm still mustering the guts to try. Among Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flat breads, we like pita. And, of course, we're … [Read more...]

Apple and blueberry pancakes


If adding fresh fruits to pancake batter is good, adding spices to the fruits before stirring into the batter is even better. Take these pancakes, for instance. They smelled and tasted like apple pie. The trick? A little cinnamon and nutmeg. The blueberries are a bonus. … [Read more...]

Bacon and pepper pancakes with cheese sauce


Breakfast pancakes have often been associated with sweet things. Chopped fruits or whole berries are sometimes stirred into the batter. Before serving, syrup is drizzled over them and the pancakes get smothered with more sweetness.But pancakes can be savory and be just as delicious and comforting. It's true. Make your pancake batter, stir in bacon, bell peppers and … [Read more...]