Pork tongue asado

Pork tenderloin and rolled pork loin are commonly used in cooking "asado". So, I wanted to be different; I used pork tongue. I did it before, but as the base for a fried rice … [Read more...]


Bistek: Filipino Beef Steak

Steak, of course, is as American as apple pie. I'm not a huge steak fan, although I enjoy an occasional filet mignon (no gravy, I always feel it detracts from the flavor of … [Read more...]


Speedy’s picadillo

Traditionally, picadillo was cooked with either beef AND chayote, or beef AND potatoes. My father (who was a really fantastic cook) used to make both versions, depending on … [Read more...]


Pancit miki bihon

Here is a recipe that originated from China. The Chinese introduced noodles, noodle-making and noodle cooking in the Philippines centuries ago. We have adopted and improvised … [Read more...]

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Chicken tetrazzini

A few weeks before the schoolyear ended, I bought a kilo of boned chicken breast to make chicken salad sandwiches for the kids to bring to school. I boiled and flaked all the … [Read more...]


Arroz a la Alexandra

"Arroz" (rice) a la Valenciana and "Arroz" a la Paella are well-known traditional Spanish dishes. My grandmother used to make them when I was a child. I learned the basic … [Read more...]

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Saigon noodles

Whenever we get bored with rice, we switch to pasta or Chinese-style noodles. With the available variety of pasta and noodles and what you can do with each kind, well, you can … [Read more...]