Crispy Chicken Breast Fillets


The chicken breast fillets were dredged in seasoned flour and sesame seeds, deep-fried in very hot oil until golden, then served with a salty-sweet sauce made by mixing hoisin sauce, light soy sauce, water and tapioca starch.The least popular part of … [Read more...]

Spamjam? Oh, well…

I have lots of cookbooks. I buy them to get ideas. Very rarely do I cook a dish exactly as it appears in a cookbook recipe for two reasons : 1) ingredients in foreign cookbooks are not always available locally or, if they are, they are too damn expensive; … [Read more...]

Go Nuts Donuts and Gerry’s Grill

Summer in the Philippines is kite-flying season. For years, my husband and I have been taking our kids kite-flying on weekends. The usual venue had always been U.P. Diliman. Sometimes, we would go all the way to U.P. Los Ba"?os. The Los Ba"?os trips were … [Read more...]

Vegetable and Apple Salad

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We have a thirthy-something year old friend who does not eat raw vegetables. He changed his attitude about vegetables salads after trying mine.We were in the supermarket late yesterday afternoon buying foodstuff we'll need for Sunday's swimming party. … [Read more...]

Balon – balonan (Gizzard) Barbecue


Barbecued balonbalonan ng manok, or chicken gizzards, is a popular streetfood in the Philippines. Sold in roadside stalls along with barbecued chicken feet, pork ears and isaw (intestines), it is a favorite finger food that goes well with beer. I find … [Read more...]

Beef embutido


During my grandmother's days, cooking embutido or Philippine-style meatloaf, was such a complex procedure that it was considered a dish for special occasions only. The seasoned ground pork is mixed with chopped vegetables, spices and beaten eggs, wrapped … [Read more...]



Another example of Filipino ingenuity, pizzaron is pizza cooked just like turon (banana spring rolls).I first learned about pizzaron when a friend sent a SMS asking if I had tried it. I said no, I didn't even know what it was. My husband said … [Read more...]

A Chinese lauriat

Yesterday was the 11th wedding anniversary of my husbandÕs youngest brother and his wife. Dinner was at Tek Lai Shun Beijing in Greenhills, San Juan. Just family. All my husbandÕs siblings with their own families and my mother-in-law. We enjoyed a … [Read more...]

The coastal road seafood market

We went on a little weekend escape. Just an overnight stay at a local hotel with friends. The original plan was to go to the Enchanted Kingdom but the thought of the traffic at the South Superhighway was enough to make us think twice. So, the kids were … [Read more...]