Egg-topped zucchini and tomato rice


Lunch was a quick and simple affair. It had to be. I couldn't be bothered to do anything more complicated than a one-pot rice dish because my mind is on Sam's exhibit. That is today's priority. That is today's highlight.Made with pre-cooked pork, … »

Midnight snack: pizza-style crisp tortillas


I'll never understand the sweeping generalization that midnight snacks are unhealthy. Whoever coined it must have lived at a time before there was electricity and no one worked after nightfall. But this is the 21st century, we live in the midst of … »

Beef, mushrooms and vegetables soup


A chunky soup that turned out surprisingly well considering that I really didn't have a clear plan on how I was going to make it when I started slicing, chopping and dicing. My original intention was to make a meatless soup for Sam -- which I did -- … »

Pork asado noodle soup


There are two ways to cook the meat component of this comforting noodle soup. The first is to cook the pork char siu style; the second is to braise it Filipino asado style. I prefer the latter. And liempo (pork belly) is my favorite pork cut to use. … »

Sweet and sour pork, a new version


When we eat in Chinese restaurants, we often order dishes that we had enjoyed before. For instance, we love Causeway Seafood Restaurant‘s and King Chef’s dim sum selection but, for me, nothing beats Din Tai Fung‘s steamed dumplings. … »

Fried whole fish with chili kangkong (swamp spinach)


For a people who consider fried fish and rice as a complete meal, it seems ridiculous to bust one’s head thinking of what else to add to the pair. In the Philippines, put fried fish and rice on the table and they will be contentedly and happily … »

4-ingredient sauce for sweet-spicy-tangy Asian noodles


What makes a noodle dish Asian? The flavors? The ingredients? Both? The sauce for this noodle dish was made with four things and four things only — equal amounts of tamarind paste, sweetened peanut butter, light soy sauce and Sriracha. Tamarind … »

Mango and avocado salsa


Our mint and basil are thriving but our lime tree has gone on vacation once more and it’ll probably be several months before we see fruits again. The juice of the last three limes and a handful of freshly picked mint leaves went into this fresh … »

How I reheat meat stews


A lot of people consider stew as a cold weather dish, something substantial and eaten steaming hot to warm the body but, for me, a stew doesn’t require cold weather at all. I cook stew whenever I get the craving and, the thicker the sauce and … »

Everything tastes better with bacon — including egg salad sandwich


I have to admit that this post is about "rubbing it in." And I have my friend and UP Law batch mate Raffy Aquino to thank for the link to an article that makes "skinny blogs" so last decade.Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra says the obsession with … »