Fish fillets in kalamansi sauce

Talakitok (photo of a giant one here), according to one site is Caranx ignoblis. Another site calls it cavalla fish. Personally, I do not know what its English name is and I'm ... »


Escabecheng Tonto

There are two interesting stories that go with this dish. First is the tonto part. Tonto, literally meaning stupid, is the name of the fish. My husband was in Marikina City ... »


Mussels and straw mushrooms in oyster sauce

It's a stir-fry, basically. I half-cooked the mussels in the oven, pried them open and discarded the empty half shells. Then I stir-fried them with straw mushrooms, plenty of ... »


Kilawing talaba (oysters)

Reputedly an aphrodisiac, although I prefer to call it a gastrodisiac, talaba or oysters have been one of my all-time favorite seafoods. The best way to eat them, of course, ... »


Bangus sardines in tomato sauce

My second bangus sardines recipe. This time with tomato sauce, olive oil and lots of spices. A pressure cooker will be necessary, definitely. Buy the smallest bangus ... »


Kalderetang bangus

I had this theory once that anything that could be done with meat, could also be done with fish. Well, of course, I was not 100% correct; only about 90% so. Kaldereta is a ... »


Fish Chayote Soup

Although Tinolang Isda is not as popular as Tinolang Manok, it is a common dish we prepare at home. And I thought that there had to be something to make it a little bit ... »


Bangus fritters

Bangus (milkfish) is just so delicious that I can cook it in so many ways. Served as an appetizer, bangus fritters is a sure fire way to impress dinner guests. Or serve them ... »

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Spicy Steamed Fish

Delicious steamed whole fish seasoned with a mixture of soy sauce, oyster sauce, chili garlic sauce and sugar, and topped with leeks and carrots. Any firm and fleshy fish ... »