Crisp-fried bihod (fish roe) and rice

As a child, fish roe was a treat. My father introduced me to the yellow mass and when he saw how much I enjoyed them, he'd give his share to me. In time, all the fish roe went to me since my brother did not care all that much for them.By the time I was old enough to … [Read more...]


Fried tanigue (Spanish mackerel) with wasabi mayo

While I do occasionally crave for the simplicity and rusticity of plain fried fish, I'm not one to find comfort nor satisfaction in having it served the same way every time. Sure, I like the vinegar and patis dipping sauce with a couple of bird's eye chilies crushed directly … [Read more...]


Ukha-inspired fish and vegetable soup

In the film I Am Love, a young man's comfort food is his mother's fish soup. The mother, a Russian who married an Italian and who thereafter "taught myself to be Italian" cooks the soup whenever her son is home and he relays a hankering for it.The son befriends a chef … [Read more...]


Steamed fish with sweet soy-ginger sauce

A lesson I learned today: When cooking fish steak, buy uncut fish then slice into steaks just before cooking. They turn out tastier and juicier that way.The long story: Speedy chanced upon very fresh tanigue (Spanish mackerel) in the market. The upper half of the fish had … [Read more...]


Fish soup with tamarind leaves and lime

Part of an experiment to live on greens that our garden produces, this fish soup with tamarind leaves and lime is reminiscent of sinigang but milder in acidity. More like sinampalukan but more aromatic because of the limes.This is a dish for two so I used only one fish … [Read more...]


Bacon-stuffed baked bitilya (seabream)

Speedy saw something like this on TV and I didn't even bother asking on which show Had to strike out that first sentence -- Speedy didn't see something similar on TV; he imagined the dish then described it to me -- stuff a whole fish with bacon, tomatoes and basil, wrap in … [Read more...]


Fish with soy-honey sauce

Speedy likes his fish fried. Fried and crisp. I'm not a fan of frying (I hate the oil splatter) but I discovered than by shallow-frying instead of deep frying, the fish forms a crisp crust and it is quite okay to cover the pan without fear of steam build-up that can make the … [Read more...]