Catfish and miso sour soup

This recipe would have been posted a lot sooner had I been able to find more information about kanduli. I never really thought it was just another variety of catfish. In fact, … [Read more...]


Adobong balut

Balut. Either you love it or you don't. Me, I love balut. I eat everything but the hard white stone but only if the duck is small and covered in soft egg white (see balut … [Read more...]


How to make: Kilawing gindara

This dish uses a "cooking" method by which meat or seafood is marinated in citrus juices which pickle the seafood or meat and turn it opaque. The Latin American version is … [Read more...]


Guinataang paco

It seems redundant to call this dish guinataang paco fern considering that paco is the local name for the tender sprouts of vegetable fern. Yet, a lot of recipes on web refer … [Read more...]


Adobong hito sa gata

It's a twice cooked dish. I wish there was some way of ditching the frying part but if you simmer the hito (catfish) directly in the coconut milk, the fish will turn soggy. … [Read more...]