Maruya (Saba banana fritters)

Fried banana is a staple in many Latin American and Caribbean cuisines. Tostones, also known as patacones, are plantains sliced and fried, pounded to flatten then fried a … [Read more...]


Bistek, Filipino Beef Steak

The Filipino version of steak is bistek. I used to think that bistek was a localized pronunciation and spelling of beef steak but it appears that bistec is found in the … [Read more...]


How to make: Polvorón

A sweet treat made with flour, milk and butter, polvorón is another legacy of Spanish colonialism. Derived from polvo, the Spanish word for dust, Filipino-style polvorón is … [Read more...]


Crispy pata with no frying

*Updated on July 8, 2012. Original posts were published on October 8, 2004 and September 9, 2006. Crispy pata is boiled pork (hock with the knuckle) and deep fried until the … [Read more...]


Java rice

For non-Filipinos, and for Filipinos who left to settle elsewhere in the world before Java rice became the better half of all things grilled, Java rice is a yellow fried rice. … [Read more...]


Pork asado

This is an updated version of a recipe originally published in 2006. The name of the dish sounds Spanish but, surprisingly, it is also a staple in most Chinese restaurants … [Read more...]


Chicken relleno

What Speedy really wanted was a dish that goes like this: A deboned and stuffed chicken is stuffed into a deboned duck and the duck is stuffed into a deboned turkey. Even … [Read more...]