Green tea with fresh tarragon and lemon

Add a new depth to your usual cup of green tea by infusing it with fresh herbs and fruits. No, not by using flavored tea in teabags -- don't you taste the paper? If you watch NCIS: Los Angeles, there was an episode when G. was making a cup of tea for himself and Hetty … [Read more...]


Homemade flavored iced tea

If I can't stop complaining about the heat this summer, it's because there's still too much to complain about. Often, I feel I'm going to wither -- literally. There seems to be no respite even at midnight.Naturally, we've been consuming a lot of cold drinks. Ice trays in … [Read more...]


Honey – lemon drink

Live interaction with readers is one thing that a column writer does not enjoy. Lucky me, I was a blogger before I was a newspaper columnist so I know the value of real feedbacks--minus, of course, the kind of muck that seems to be the staple of political blogs. I do get my … [Read more...]