Tea, Tisanes & Infusions

Not every teabag contains tea. Learn about tea, its varieties and how it differs from tisanes or infusions.


Green tea with ginger, lemon and mint

Unlike other tea concoctions where everything begins by infusing the tea leaves, this green tea with ginger, lemon and mint starts with a ginger brew. The tea leaves are added after the ginger slices have simmered for 20 minutes so the resulting drink has a bolder flavor and … [Read more...]


Iced jasmine tea with fresh lime

The lime tree is bearing so much fruit that I've been doing all kinds of things with the limes. I used a few to cook a chicken dish, I made a salad dressing with lime juice and now, this iced tea drink. And if the tree keeps bearing fruit for the next couple of weeks, I'll … [Read more...]


Watermelon iced tea

It was Sam who gave us our first taste of watermelon iced tea. She cut seedless watermelon into small cubes, dropped them into glasses of iced tea, gave Speedy and me each a glass and, oh wow, were we wide-eyed with surprise! So simple, so basic, so very refreshing. How … [Read more...]


Thai spiced iced tea

When Speedy saw Giada de Laurentiis making this spiced tea on her TV program, the first question he asked was whether we had star anise. Of course, I said, we always have star anise in stock. A couple of days later, he made the tea but didn't bother taking photos. I felt … [Read more...]


Tea milkshake

I never liked milk in my tea. I always felt that the milk drowned out the delicate flavors of the tea. It wasn't until Alex developed an affinity for milk tea and learned how to prepare it at home that I slowly got over my aversion for milk in my tea. So much so that I've … [Read more...]

Lemongrass and ginger brew

Lemongrass and ginger brew

Cold and wet day. I've had three cups of coffee since I woke up this morning, I wondered if a cocktail drink would be good to keep me warm but I finally decided on a hot brew. Salabat (ginger brew), often sweetened with honey and flavored with a little kalamansi juice, is … [Read more...]


Orange and ginger tea: hot or cold

While half the world must be craving for hot drinks to ward off the bitter winter cold, here in the tropics, the weather is cool and mild and iced tea is still a great after lunch or mid-afternoon drink. So, after shaving the zest off three oranges a few days ago to make the … [Read more...]


How to make: Masala chai (spiced tea)

Chai means tea in several South Asian languages. Masala (literally, a mixture of spices) chai means spiced tea although many people associate masala chai with spiced milk tea.The addition of milk is a British influence. Tea has been grown in some South Asian regions for … [Read more...]


Lemongrass iced tea with wild honey

The lemongrass iced tea you see in the photo was made from fresh lemongrass stalks. The stalks were boiled, allowed to infuse and cooled. Then, I added honey, slices of lemon and orange, and ice.See, we stay away from powdered drinks. Not for any of the scary reasons … [Read more...]


Have you ever drank a rose?

When I was in Kuala Lumpur last year, I visited a tea shop called Purple Cane in the Chinatown district. I bought several canisters of loose tea leaves and the small ones I gave away as gifts to friends last Christmas. One large canister went to my mother; another, to my … [Read more...]