Coffee & Coffee Cocktails Recipes

We like the plain brew just as much as the fancy ones like Irish coffee, Mexican coffee and Cajun coffee. We also like to mix our coffee with alcohol, chocolate, ice cream and a whole lot of other things.


Egg yolk in my coffee

Think zabalgione (or whatever your preferred spelling is -- sabayon, zabaione, or zabajone) -- that spoonable Italian custard that doubles as a beverage and a dessert. Pour ... »


Warm-me-up coffee

It's raining, cold and dark... Steaming hot coffee needs something more to really warm me up today. This drink has coffee liqueur, white creme de menthe and dark creme de ... »


Cafe dulce de leche macchiato

It rained after lunch and I thought that the rest of the afternoon would be cool and cloudy -- the kind of weather that makes me want to curl up on the couch with my iPad and ... »


Deep and luscious espresso martini

I read an article once, in the New York Times if I remember correctly, about the popularity of coffee cocktails nowadays. And a coffee purist scoffed at the concept of coffee ... »


Nutella coffee

You've probably tried combining coffee with chocolate. You might have tried adding nut-flavored syrup to your coffee. You might even have bought ground coffee mixed with ... »


Indulge yourself: have a coffee float

It's a very simple drink to make and yet a lot of people find it intimidating. Coffee float is simply hot coffee topped with a whopping scoop of ice cream. The coffee isn't ... »


Beat the summer heat with iced coffee!

Summer came so suddenly. One day, there was a cool breeze blowing; the next day, the breeze was gone and, in its place, the humid sweltering feeling that comes with summer. ... »


Tablea coffee

My love affair with tsokolate tablea seems to be in full swing. Don't ask me why -- I wasn't even an avid fan until recently. Now, I can't get enough of the chocolate-y ... »