Brazilian crush

Authentic Brazilian crush is made with cachaça. Until last night, I didn't know what cachaça was. When Speedy said he would substitute rum because we don't have cachaça, he told me it was a spirit made from sugar cane and I … [Read more...]


Piña Colada

On my first day in college, I sat at a desk where someone had carved a phrase about liking piña colada and getting caught in the rain. The phrase was probably carved during one of those boring lectures in Math or … [Read more...]


Bloody Mary cocktail

According to Wikipedia, there are at least three theories as to the origin of the name of the Bloody Mary cocktail drink. The first is that it was named after Mary, Queen of England (1516-1558). The second is that it was … [Read more...]


Peach daiquiri

It seems that just about any fruit can be made into a frozen daiquiri -- even canned peaches. Instead of adding sugar to this drink, however, Speedy used the heavy syrup from the can. See, the excess peaches from the suman … [Read more...]


Speedy’s frozen kiwi daiquiri

How do you celebrate the eve of your birthday? In my case this year, with a glass of frozen kiwi daiquiri. Mixed by Speedy, of course. Made with fresh kiwi, rum, lime juice cordial, Triple Sec, sugar and ice. Just put … [Read more...]


Frozen strawberry daiquiri

The main ingredients of daiquiri is rum, lime juice and sugar. But there are many, many versions of this cocktail drink and the lime juice is sometimes substituted with other sour ingredients. Like strawberries. If daiquiri … [Read more...]


Gimlet: with vodka or with gin

There are two theories on the origin of the name of the cocktail drink called gimlet. The first theory is that the name comes from the "from Anglo-French guimbelet, perhaps from M.Du. wimmelkijn, dim. of wimmel 'auger, … [Read more...]


Apple and cranberry punch

We normally associate punch with drinks served in punch bowls and ladled into punch glasses. But it isn't really the accessories that turn a drink into a punch. The punch that we know is a fruit-juice based mixed drink. It … [Read more...]