Drinks Recipes

Recipes for hot and cold drinks. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Includes cocktail drinks, hot coffee drinks, coffee cocktails, tea, infusions and fruit-based smoothies.


Food hacks I learned during the holidays

When Speedy bought a couple of young coconuts for Christmas Eve's buko pandan dessert, I wondered what I'd do with the coconut water. The fridge was full; so was the freezer. Why not use some for a cocktail drink? There was mango puree in the fridge, we had kalamansi-honey … [Read more...]


Hot choco hazelnut and dulce de leche drink

When it comes to hot chocolate... Imagine a straight line. On one end of the line are the ultra traditionalists who swear that you can't make proper hot chocolate drink without using a batirol. I'm often tempted to tell the batirol people that their beloved tool was useful … [Read more...]


White sangria with citrus and mint

Unlike the older recipe in the archive, this white sangria has no fruit juices and no club soda. It is pure white wine sweetened with a little simple syrup and flavored with slices of lime and lemon and torn fresh mint leaves.What white wine is best? Sparkling white … [Read more...]


Tropical suburban sunset

Naming cocktail drinks can be a headache. The easiest technique is to simply enumerate the ingredients, but 3 fruit juices + silver tequila = delicious cocktail drink doesn't exactly inspire name recall.So, I christen this drink tropical suburban sunset. Two reasons. … [Read more...]


Warm-me-up coffee

It's raining, cold and dark... Steaming hot coffee needs something more to really warm me up today. This drink has coffee liqueur, white creme de menthe and dark creme de cacao. And a bit of cocoa powder dusting for the perfect finish. … [Read more...]


Brandy Alexander

Just who the Alexander is for whom the drink was named is a mystery. There are at least three claimants to the honor, one of them being Alexander II of Russia, great-grandfather of Anastasia whom everyone in Generation Y is familiar with because of the 1997 animated musical … [Read more...]


Lime, rum and basil cocktail

I've had this basil-vodka gimlet recipe on my Bookmarks bar for so long. I waited until our lime tree started bearing fruits again (it doesn't during the summer) then I waited until the limes were ripe enough to pick and squeeze.I finally managed to get limes today (I … [Read more...]


Cafe dulce de leche macchiato

It rained after lunch and I thought that the rest of the afternoon would be cool and cloudy -- the kind of weather that makes me want to curl up on the couch with my iPad and read one of the oh, so many! books on my Kindle for iPad. Coffee and reading are great partners so I … [Read more...]


Green tea with ginger, lemon and mint

Unlike other tea concoctions where everything begins by infusing the tea leaves, this green tea with ginger, lemon and mint starts with a ginger brew. The tea leaves are added after the ginger slices have simmered for 20 minutes so the resulting drink has a bolder flavor and … [Read more...]


Hibiscus juice, inspired by the Negros Museum Cafe

Our first afternoon in Negros Occidental found us at the Negros Museum. The suffocating heat left us feeling dehydrated, our parched mouths and throats led us to the Museum Cafe (or did our host suggest that we go there? I can't remember...) and we were introduced to a … [Read more...]