A ham and olives fried rice story

After enjoying the Chinese olives rice at Kanzhu, I started planning how I'd execute my home version. I had everything I need with two jars of olives in the fridge and lots of salty ham. Then, I discovered that the olives that go into Chinese olives rice are not the same as … [Read more...]


A Christmas ham story

A funny thing happened while we were preparing for our Christmas Eve meal. As agreed upon, I did not cook regular food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Instead, we ate sandwiches here and there all day.By five o'clock in the afternoon, we realized that we were running … [Read more...]


Crisp fried pulled pork (a.k.a. leftover lechon)

This time of the year brings back memories. When I was a very young lawyer, I worked in an office where Christmas parties were always delicious affairs. The damper was that there were two old ladies, oldtimers in the office, who filled their Tupperware containers to the brim … [Read more...]


Paprika and tomato rice

The other night was vegetarian night. Dinner was peperonata di patate, an Italian pepper and potato stew. It took more than an hour to simmer the vegetables to tenderness and to get the sauce to thicken to the right consistency. By the time dinner was almost ready, Speedy … [Read more...]


Sweet and sticky meatballs and tofu

Made with a cake of silken tofu and a cup of leftover lumpiang shanghai filling, this dish has just the right amount of meat, crunch, sweetness, spiciness and saltiness. Hoisin sauce makes the meatballs and tofu deliciously sticky. … [Read more...]


Chili and egg breakfast

How do I love chili? Let me count the ways... with buttered garlic bread, with soft tortillas, with corn bread and with rice. Yes, rice. And egg. Like this.I made the chili last Friday for lunch. It was Speedy's birthday and his request? Chili dog sandwiches. I made way … [Read more...]


Chili con carne (flavored by leftovers)

Two days after New Year's Day, except for a kilo of ground beef, the freezer was almost empty. There were a lot of odds and eggs, however. A hundred grams or so of scrap bacon, two pepperoni sausages, a chorizo de Bilbao... Perfect for a pot of chili con carne. Slow cooked … [Read more...]