Ma Yi Shang Shu (Ants Climbing A Tree)

The Chinese, the Italians and the Arabs all used to claim having invented the noodle. Then, in 2005 in Lajia in the Chinese province of Qinghai, archeologists unearthed "an upturned earthenware bowl filled with brownish-yellow, fine clay. When they lifted the inverted … [Read more...]


Oyster omelet

At the Shih Lin night market in Taiwan, single serve oyster omelets were cooked side by side on large round skillets. This delectable egg and seafood dish that originated in China is also a popular street food in Singapore and Malaysia.The secret to this simple dish is … [Read more...]


Taro puffs

If you're as much of a dim sum lover as I am, you must have tried just about every item on the dim sum cart. And you must have tried taro puffs at least once. Me? I rarely have dim sum without taro puffs. If it's not on the cart and has to be ordered a la carte, I order them … [Read more...]


Braised pork hock

What the Chinese name for this dish is, I still have to discover. Some say it is hong ba or hong ma but it appears that hong ba or hong ma is made with cut pieces of pork belly rather than a whole pork hock. In Chinese restaurants in the Philippines, this dish is known as … [Read more...]


Char siu (chashao, cha siu or char siew) pork

You see them in Chinese restaurants as strips of reddish meat suspended on hooks alongside roast duck. They're called char siu pork -- Chinese barbecued pork marinated in a special sauce and cooked in a special oven over live fire. The smoke and the marinade give char siu … [Read more...]


Wonton soup

Wontons require some effort to prepare at home but with practice, the preparation becomes easier the next time. We had this delicious wonton soup for lunch today and, despite the delay (I had to take photos for the how to wrap and fold wontons entry, it was heart warming to … [Read more...]


Ma Po tofu

Spicy, salty, a bit pungent with a heady aroma, this classic and very popular Chinese dish from the Sichuan (Szechuan) province is a favorite with my family because it is both delicous and easy to prepare.There are two recipes for Ma Po tofu in the archive but I don't … [Read more...]


Steamed fish with oyster sauce

Just last month, I did a steamed fish experiment and both turned out well -- great additions to the older steamed fish recipes in the archive. But there's so much more that can be done with steamed fish. There are even different options for steamed whole fish and fish … [Read more...]


Lo mein, not chow mein

If you ask a Filipino what the noodle dish in the photo is, he would probably say "pancit canton". In the Philippines, that is the generic term for any Chinese-style noodle dish that has meat and/or seafood, vegetables and sauce. Strictly speaking, however, that is chicken … [Read more...]