Wonton soup

Wontons require some effort to prepare at home but with practice, the preparation becomes easier the next time. We had this delicious wonton soup for lunch today and, despite … [Read more...]


Ma Po tofu

Spicy, salty, a bit pungent with a heady aroma, this classic and very popular Chinese dish from the Sichuan (Szechuan) province is a favorite with my family because it is both … [Read more...]


How to wrap spring rolls

You might think it's just wrapping and folding but there are a few tricks you might want to learn to make fantastic fried lumpia (spring rolls). First, you need to seal in … [Read more...]


Steamed fish with oyster sauce

Just last month, I did a steamed fish experiment and both turned out well -- great additions to the older steamed fish recipes in the archive. But there's so much more that … [Read more...]


Lo mein, not chow mein

If you ask a Filipino what the noodle dish in the photo is, he would probably say "pancit canton". In the Philippines, that is the generic term for any Chinese-style noodle … [Read more...]